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The vindication of Buharinomics


The last couple of months have not been particularly rosy for Nigeria and Nigerians especially with the naira depreciating to as low as 380 to a dollar and over 500 naira to a pound. This led to the cry for the devaluation of the naira by economists and people that knew close to nothing about economics even joined the cry for devaluation.

The argument In favor of devaluation underlined the fact that those crying for devaluation were either speculators or as mentioned earlier, had no knowledge about economics.

Devaluation as repeatedly stated by our economist president, only favors big economies that manufacture and want to increase their export has this makes the products cheaper to international buyers. Unfortunately, my dear Nigeria is an importing country and devaluing the currency will only lead to more hardship especially to the masses.

It was however good news to Nigerians especially those that knew what devaluation would mean to the citizenry when Nigeria suddenly began to appreciate, trading for as low as 310 and even 295 to a dollar in some places as the close of business on the 24th of February, 2016.

Speculators that have bought the dollars in recent times in anticipation of a further decline in the value of the naira can start to count their losses with the recent appreciation.

One obvious point that Nigerians have been able to appreciate is the knowledge of the President and PMB’s desire to make life easier and better for the masses.

The sudden increase in the call for made in Nigeria products also resulted from the fall in the value of naira, which can now be said to be a blessing in disguise if we decide to act what we preach and patronize made in Nigeria commodities.

With the vindication of Buharinomics and the appreciation of the naira, we hope the currency continues to appreciate and who knows, we might eventually live the dream of 1$ to 1naira.

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Where did we go wrong?

2105547_1557140b1d011e3cfe4d8286cf952a7f_600x_jpeg57e0f12e038dd7c86ee9ab946e1317efWhen I sit down and look back, I wonder how my country Nigeria, went from being relatively good to definitely bad value-wise in a very short period of time.

A friend of mine showed the picture of a crowned most beautiful girl in Nigeria in 1957 and another picture of the winner of that same crown in 2015 and all I could do was to open my mouth. The difference was massive – a well dressed woman in her traditional attire and a three-quarter naked skinny woman.

That simple analogy did not only show how much of our culture we have lost, it also shows how we have been able to throw away our values in a very short while in exchange for a value system that has led us to where we are today – almost nothing.

A Yoruba adage says that “two eyes give birth to a child, but more than 200 eyes look after the child “. Growing up, I got scolded and corrected by neighbors and even strangers that would almost spanking whenever I am found wanting. My teachers in school were not left out of the picture and I particularly remember a scene where my French teacher beat me to urination in primary school (guess all French teachers know how to flog).

The tables have really turned in less than 3 decades with parents charging to school after a teacher beat their children for despicable and unspeakable offenses.

We have steadily and gradually turned ourselves to a society that celebrates not only mediocrity but “nonsense” in all ramifications.

One can go on to mention the many ways we have gone wrong in a value system and if you can abuse a girl for selling her body for money, you might as well check your daughter back and assess her dressing. You might be shocked that men actually spend for her as a result of the amount of akin she let’s out.

Let’s retrace our steps to the good old days and consider how your parents trained you then in comparison to how you are training your kids today and the reason for our current situation can be easily deduced.


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Minister of state for Happiness


When a ministry is established, it only makes sense that a minister is appointed. However, how many times do you hear of a Ministry of Happiness? Well, the United Arab Emirates just appointed a Minister of State for Happiness in the person of Ohood Al Roumi’s. Only a country like the UAE can pull up such a stunt and make the announcement the way the Prime Minister, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum did, taking to his Twitter handle to announce the appointment.

According to the ruler of Dubai, “National happiness isn’t a wish. Plans, projects, programmes, indices will inform the work of our ministries to achieve happiness” — HH Sheikh Mohammed (@HHShkMohd) February 10, 2016. Before her appointment as the minister in charge of the happiness of the people of UAE, Al Roumi was the director-general of the prime minister’s office and she will continue to hold the position even with her recent appointment. She was also selected last year by the United Nations Foundation as a member of its Global Entrepreneurship Council, the first Arab to become a member of the body.

The aim of creating the ministry and subsequently appointing the minister according to Sheikh Mohammed is to align and drive government policy to create social good and satisfation. UAE was ranked number 40 on the World Happiness Report released in 2015 and this move is definitely aimed to rank higher in the coming years even if the country is already ranked higher than the UK.

The top five happiest countries in the world according to the report in 2015 are Switzerland, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, and Canada and one can expect to see the UAE break into this list with the moves made to make the people happier.


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Name Necklace as a Gift


People, especially women have been wearing necklaces for centuries and history has been able to establish this fact. Ancient Egyptians were said to have worn different kinds of necklaces for different purposes and reasons. While some necklaces were made from stones, others were made out of gold and even bones.

Name necklaces have however become of the commonest necklaces today, and this is not surprising. Name necklaces can simply be described as customized accessories, as they usually carry a name or in some instances, charms are attached to them. Name necklaces have become even more popular with even men having them on.

Sterling silver jewelry has always been a top choice for people giving out a necklace as a gift and below is some of the many reasons a name necklace should be given as a gift.

Why is the name special?

Giving a stainless steel jewel necklace as a gift signifies the uniqueness of the receiver of the gift and establishes that the giver of the gift holds you in esteem.

Display of Unique Attributes

Name necklaces do not just carry names; they sometimes serve as a platform to show the receiver some of the characteristics that make him or her unique. This could be portrayed using the style of the necklace or the items used in making the jewelry.

Show of Intimacy

When a necklace especially a name necklace is given to a woman by a man, it shows affection and intimacy. While giving jewelry as a gift might establish a show of affection, a name necklace shows a deep sense of love and intimacy, and it would melt any woman’s heart for her man to give her a necklace carrying her name or a romantic nickname.


The beauty of name necklaces is that they can be presented at any time and regardless of the occasion, they are always appreciated. Name necklaces are perfect for birthdays, holidays, and even anniversaries.

Personalized jewelry comes in different forms and shapes and can be easily sourced from a reputable online jewelry store.

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Cleaning your sterling silver jewelry


The sterling silver jewelry is versatile and remains one of the commonest types of jewelry, with fashion experts coming up with different designs and uses of the piece. One very common problem with the use of stainless steel jewel is that it can be easily tarnished. With the price of such necklaces especially when you have a name necklace, it is important to care properly for it to ensure the longevity of the piece.

Below are seven easy steps to guide you in cleaning your jewelry.

1-   The first step is to ensure you keep the jewelry in a tarnish proof cloth and an airtight container. This ensures the jewelry is kept away from the dangers of exposing it to gas, salt, and other destructive objects in the air.

2-   Keep the jewelry away from elements like light, wood, and even the sun as much as you can as they only quicken the process of oxidation.

3-   Contact with chemicals should be avoided as much as possible. It is advised to avoid wearing your sterling silver jewelry while doing home chores. Bleach, alcohol, ammonia, and chlorine are chemicals that should be avoided.

4-   Your jewelry should be the last item you put on as you dress to go out. This is to reduce the risk of oxidation of chemical substances contained in your perfume, make-up, and cologne.

5-   Due to the delicate nature of the sterling silver jewelry, it is advised that it is kept separate from other items and even jewelry.

6-   Polishing your jewelry is essential but it is, even more, important to do it the right way, and this would be using a silver cloth or cotton. It might also be helpful to use separate cloths for cleaning silver and gold jewelry.

7-   If you are unfortunate to have some of your jewelry already “tarnished”, there are creams, polishes, and dips that can be used to take off the tarnish. The substance should be applied in a circular motion using a cloth or cotton to remove the tarnish.

Sterling silver jewelry is famous and is gotten from online jewelry stores at affordable prices. The tips mentioned above will help keep your jewelry looking new for a very long time.


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