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Brand Promotion

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Another Boxing Day Wahala

So it’s the 26th of December and if there is anything that has remained constant over the years, it’s English Boxing Day football. While the players and even managers would usually whine around this time of the year about not being able to spend quality time with their families and friends, fans cannot get enough of the frenzy and buzz around watching the round leather game a day after Xmas.

Maybe because I’m a Gunner and my team has not been performing at its best(not that I’m strange to this),  but I’ve never been more disinterested in the game. In actual fact, I’m beginning to pick more interest in the business side of the English Premier League. 

The FA and others behind the world’s most interesting league deliberately schedules matches around the holidays, leveraging on the opportunity to sell out match tickets even at the expense of the joy of the players (a major attribute of capitalism). 

So don’t bother about the image above but instead, look for a way of leveraging on the opportunity you have to grow your business and earn more. Now I understand why Akin Alabi loves Boxing Day football. After all, who won’t be happy making million of naira in a few hours of some 22 men running after a round object. 

Depending on the calendar you use, it’s gonna be a new year in less than 6 days and as you write your list of resolution, ensure to include making more leveraging on the littlest of opportunities.