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Are You a Widow?


A widow is described as a woman that her lost her husband. While this definition has stood the test of time with virtually everyone agreeing to it, it is worth noting that widowhood does not necessarily have to mean losing a spouse, especially in sane environments.

In developing nations especially African countries, widowhood is a different ball game compared to what is obtainable in developed countries. As a woman, you are open to many choices. There is the choice of being a widow even before the death of your spouse or even worse, training your daughter to become a widow in-the-making if her spouse unfortunately dies before her.

While no woman would want to lose her spouse, the irony remains that no woman or man wants to die before his or her spouse. It therefore means that someone has to die before the other, at least in most cases. For a man, there is usually no pressure regardless of who dies first. An African woman however has many things to contend with if she becomes an “African Widow”.

In this context, an African widow is a woman that is not empowered to fight and even defeat the so-called traditions in many African nations that has subjected the feminine folks to maltreatment after the passage of their husbands.

The last time I checked, it is only in Africa that you have such passage rites like the woman drinking the water washed off the corpse of her husband to prove that she knows nothing about the death of the man. Some widows are also subjected to victimization from the relatives of their dead husbands by making the woman marry the sibling of her late husband. In even more insane societies, widows are made to sleep with the corpse of their husbands in a room for days, in the name of funeral rites.

The different forms of maltreatment of widows mentioned above, are just some of the many traditions in Africa and other parts that women are made to pass through after the passing away of their “better half”.

Everyone is usually quick to blame the government and ask for laws to prohibit these acts. My people, my people, for how long will we wait till we stop this craze. Instead of asking for laws or blaming it on the tradition, why don’t you take the bold step of getting prepared for that day when you probably might be a “woman who was married to a spouse who is now dead” and not an “African Widow” that is ridiculed after the death of her husband.

BE empowered and not necessarily getting a formal education, but knowing how to make ends meet and may be planning the future with your spouse and this should include having him write a WILL even if the document is sometimes disregarded.

And for our daughters, it is incumbent on us to ensure that they are educated and have their destinies in their hands instead of being at the mercy of a man that his passing away will mean doom to them.

It’s June 23, International Widow’s Day. Let’s take time to reflect on the kind of woman we and our daughters want to be in the class of widows.



The Golden Toilet – Importance of the Loo



For one reason or the other, I am almost always happy after visiting the loo and those that know the writer can testify to this. The toilet as some of us will call it has somehow become a place I find solace and I can now relate with those guys that enter the loo with a magazine or newpaper, I do that tho’.

The benefits of being anle to successfully use a toilet cannot be overemphasized and if you doubt it, ask from a guy that has experienced being press in a heavy traffic. Basically, we often overlook the huge benefits and blessings that we enjoy especially as we consider them “normal”

I remember the feeling I had when I visited my aunt in Lekki and I had to take a dump. The toilet was so comfortable and conducive I could have taken a five-minutes nap in it. It later crossed my mind that even as using the toilet and a hygienic one for that matter should be a norm, millions of people across the globe do not have access to this facility.

Besides being able to ease yourself conveniently and comfortably which otherwise could have had negative effects on your health, the protection of the environment and its inhabitant is another very important reason to have a clean and conducive loo.

For those that have visited places like Makoko in Lagos, you would definitely appreciate the blessing of being able to take a dump seated on a proper loo.

Public toilets seem to be gaining popularity but not in all parts of the world. However, until our government and other well-meaning individuals start to realize that it is everyone’s responsibility to encourage a safe and hygienic environment, We can as well bid goodbye to a healthy, safe and happy environment and generation, one that is sustainable and beneficial to generations to come. The likes of

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The likes of Late Otunba Gadafi have contributed their bit with such initiatives as the DMT mobile toilet, this of course is not enough to solve our present situation leading to the cry for more “shit” places where Nigerians can go and have a quiet and comfortable dump.

Common Weight loss Mistakes to Avoid


Our previous article mentioned some simple but effective tips on weight loss. In this post, we will like to mention some obstacles that could hinder the weight loss struggle even if the best weight loss program is being followed. Many people have tried different weight loss guides and programs but find it difficult to achieve their weight loss objectives. This is not an uncommon happening as people switch from one weight loss diet or program to another in search of significant results.

For persons that seem to have tried out virtually all the weight loss guides and trip to no avail, below are some weight loss mistakes that could lead to your struggles yielding no results.

Inadequate Sleep

This is one of the commonest weight loss mistakes of all time, as people tend to neglect their beds in a bid to keep up with their busy schedule even as they try to lose weight. While it might be difficult to get enough sleep as you combine regular exercise with a tight work schedule, a minimum of seven hours of night sleep will go a long way to help your weight loss struggle as this helps to increase metabolism in the body.

Sabotaging your body’s metabolism

This definitely sounds ridiculous as no one trying to lose weight would want to sabotage the body’s metabolism. Acts like not drinking enough water, going on diets that are ineffective and unnatural, and inculcating some unhealthy habits are some of the ways of sabotaging the metabolism of the body instead of actually boosting it. The solution therefore is to avoid actions that could sabotage your body’s metabolism.


How many times have you failed to religiously follow the teachings of a weight loss program and instead of blaming your inconsistency for the lack of significant result, you opt for another program but all to no avail. Well, before you start pointing accusing fingers at the program you purchased for hundreds of dollars, try to be consistent and if possible over 100% consistent with the tips and guides contained in the program to see significant weight loss results.

If you have been struggling to lose weight despite trying different weight loss programs, it is time you sat back and identify some of the mistakes that might be hindering the success of your struggle.

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5 Surefire tips to losing weight

Lose weight now
Surefire weight loss tips

Virtually everyone can relate with the need to lose weight as there is always one close relative or loved walking the dangerous path to obesity and most likely struggling to lose unwanted fat deposits in regions of the body. For persons that unfortunately fall into this category, below are some easy, but effective surefire tips to weight loss.

Exercise Regularly

This is one of the most important tips to losing weight and any weight loss program that does not have it included should be instantly discarded. The popular misconception is that one needs a gym subscription to exercise regularly. The truth however is that one can exercise without any sophisticated equipment and all it requires is to get the blood pumping whichever way you deem fit.

A good combination of cardio and strength training will go a long way in helping the weight loss struggle. Running, jogging, brisk walking, swimming, and skipping are just some of the many easy but effective exercise routines that can be done from the comfort of your home.

Count Calories

While this is not actually a weight loss activity, counting calories helps to keep a tab on your progress and monitor your performance and the reaction of your body. In addition to counting your calories, you might also want to moderate your intake of the types of calories to get the most effective results.

Change your Routine

This simply means having a change in your lifestyle and even workout routines especially as the body tends to adapt to a routine. It is therefore advised that just as you try to ditch the sedentary lifestyle for a more active one, you do not let your body get too adapted to a workout routine.

Green Tea

Study has it that green tea helps to burn fat and helps the weight loss process. Green tea is even more effective when drank hot as more than sixty-five percent of the benefits of green tea are lost when the tea is cold. Three to four cups of green tea per day will help the situation.

Eat Fat burning foods

There are foods that have been identified to speed up the metabolism of the body, helping to burn fat faster. They include tuna and salmon.

Eat small bits frequently

While some people advise to reduce the amount of food you consume daily, the right approach to losing weight without necessarily starving yourself of the good things of life is to eat small pieces of foods more frequently. It is advised that you eat five to six times daily as opposed to having heavy three square meals daily.

In conclusion, a total lifestyle change to a healthy living is required to lose weight and in addition to the tips mentioned above, you need to stay hydrated and drink water as much as possible. You also want to give your body enough rest to allow it get the benefits of this new lifestyle you are embracing.

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How Boko Haram caused Tomato Scarcity in Nigeria

boko-haram_3173406b  The statement that insurgency in the North East by the Boko Haram sect led to the current tomato scarcity experienced across the country made by the Minister of Information and Culture did not only amuse me; it also reminded me of the former Minister of Information, Labaran Makun’s statement that the then President Goodluck Jonathan brought Facebook to Nigeria.
While I am just like any other Nigerian, who will jump of headlines to draw a conclusion without reading the news in full, the two statements just go to show the kind of country we have and of course, the kind of citizens we are.
The Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Audu Ogbeh clearly stated that the current tomato scarcity is caused by what is popularly known as “tomato Ebola” and this makes it even funnier that another Minister is attributing the situation to the insurgency. Alhaji Lai Mohammed claims that farmers have been chased away from their zone due to insecurity. He also added that the country has lost two years of harvest to the insurgency.
I will not be drawing any conclusion to what the honorable Minister said, but I have one question – why should we be suffering this issue when the insurgency has been defeated according to the same Minister of Information. This question leads to two sub-questions – the first concerns the Minister’s claim of losing two years harvest, but the last time I checked, Nigerian tomato farmers do not store their produce so how can be losing a harvest that has never been stored? The other question is that if Boko Haram did not cause tomato scarcity when the insurgency was biting hard, why do we have scarcity now that the present administration is claiming victory over the insurgency.
So before our Ministers and other public office holders come out to make statements, they should think carefully and remember that “the talker should remember those that know how to listen.” And for Nigerians, especially the young ones, it is high time we started embracing politics and politicking if we want to put a stop to this menace and embarrassment.

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