Where did we go wrong?

2105547_1557140b1d011e3cfe4d8286cf952a7f_600x_jpeg57e0f12e038dd7c86ee9ab946e1317efWhen I sit down and look back, I wonder how my country Nigeria, went from being relatively good to definitely bad value-wise in a very short period of time.

A friend of mine showed the picture of a crowned most beautiful girl in Nigeria in 1957 and another picture of the winner of that same crown in 2015 and all I could do was to open my mouth. The difference was massive – a well dressed woman in her traditional attire and a three-quarter naked skinny woman.

That simple analogy did not only show how much of our culture we have lost, it also shows how we have been able to throw away our values in a very short while in exchange for a value system that has led us to where we are today – almost nothing.

A Yoruba adage says that “two eyes give birth to a child, but more than 200 eyes look after the child “. Growing up, I got scolded and corrected by neighbors and even strangers that would almost spanking whenever I am found wanting. My teachers in school were not left out of the picture and I particularly remember a scene where my French teacher beat me to urination in primary school (guess all French teachers know how to flog).

The tables have really turned in less than 3 decades with parents charging to school after a teacher beat their children for despicable and unspeakable offenses.

We have steadily and gradually turned ourselves to a society that celebrates not only mediocrity but “nonsense” in all ramifications.

One can go on to mention the many ways we have gone wrong in a value system and if you can abuse a girl for selling her body for money, you might as well check your daughter back and assess her dressing. You might be shocked that men actually spend for her as a result of the amount of akin she let’s out.

Let’s retrace our steps to the good old days and consider how your parents trained you then in comparison to how you are training your kids today and the reason for our current situation can be easily deduced.


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