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Afobaje of Oyo State


The 67-year old governor of Oyo and former Senator the Republic of Nigeria representing Oyo South Senatorial District, Abiola Adeyemi Ajimobi, has unofficially proclaimed himself as the “afobaje” of Oyo State. It is rather annoying and disheartening that our so-called leaders still live in the primitive world.

During an interactive session with newsmen organized to mark the `Democracy Day’ and the sixth anniversary of governor’s administration’s, which has been plagued with several controversies, one of which is the “constituted authority” drama, the governor stated that 34 aspirants are currently jostling to succeed him under the platform of APC.

“I have seen about five people who have the potentials to succeed me. I will let you know whoever will be my successor by May next year,’’ he said.

The governor further stated his desire to return to the National Assembly as a Senator representing Oyo South Senatorial District after completing his tenure as governor in 2019.

While I would not be a judge of the “constituted authority” of Oyo State that has seen my friend spend over three years in 300L at Ladoke Akintole University of Technology, I sit back and wonder why anyone would want to vote for a person that has said and showed that as the supposed #1 person in Oyo State, he can decide to do whatever he pleases.

His consideration to return to NASS can be likened to a dog returning to its vomit. If I may the governor and the people of Oyo South Senatorial District, “what did Senator Abiola Adeyemi Ajimobi achieve during his first spell representing you? He is 67 years old already and I am wondering if there are younger, fresher and better heads in Oyo State to direct the affairs of the “Pacesetter State”.

I guess I can only write and see how 2019 and beyond pans out for Oyo State and Nigeria as a whole. But as I will always say, #OurMumuDonDo.


How Boko Haram caused Tomato Scarcity in Nigeria

boko-haram_3173406b  The statement that insurgency in the North East by the Boko Haram sect led to the current tomato scarcity experienced across the country made by the Minister of Information and Culture did not only amuse me; it also reminded me of the former Minister of Information, Labaran Makun’s statement that the then President Goodluck Jonathan brought Facebook to Nigeria.
While I am just like any other Nigerian, who will jump of headlines to draw a conclusion without reading the news in full, the two statements just go to show the kind of country we have and of course, the kind of citizens we are.
The Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Audu Ogbeh clearly stated that the current tomato scarcity is caused by what is popularly known as “tomato Ebola” and this makes it even funnier that another Minister is attributing the situation to the insurgency. Alhaji Lai Mohammed claims that farmers have been chased away from their zone due to insecurity. He also added that the country has lost two years of harvest to the insurgency.
I will not be drawing any conclusion to what the honorable Minister said, but I have one question – why should we be suffering this issue when the insurgency has been defeated according to the same Minister of Information. This question leads to two sub-questions – the first concerns the Minister’s claim of losing two years harvest, but the last time I checked, Nigerian tomato farmers do not store their produce so how can be losing a harvest that has never been stored? The other question is that if Boko Haram did not cause tomato scarcity when the insurgency was biting hard, why do we have scarcity now that the present administration is claiming victory over the insurgency.
So before our Ministers and other public office holders come out to make statements, they should think carefully and remember that “the talker should remember those that know how to listen.” And for Nigerians, especially the young ones, it is high time we started embracing politics and politicking if we want to put a stop to this menace and embarrassment.

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Over 365 days of Buharinism


The PMB-led government has spent over a year in control and just like any average Nigerian; I am yet to see the direction of the administration and I stand to be corrected.

While it might be rightly argued that the present government inherited an almost dead nation, hike in fuel price, increased electricity tariff, and an alarming foreign exchange rate leaves people like me confused as to when the “change” we clamored for will come to pass.

It is important for parties on either side of the argument to note that pragmatism just as Wole Soyinka said, is the only reasonable way of looking at the situation here. Whether you are for the government or against it, it is important that the government give a clear direction of what to expect.

In an administration where we get as many as three different answers to a particular question like the recent case of fuel subsidy removal or deregulation of the downstream sector. The president recently told Nigerians to tell him if any minister should be removed but how can we score an administration or the cabinet that has only lasted less than four months with a budget that has not even been implemented.

Yes, we have been able to significantly reduce the activities of the BH boys, and cynical as it may sound, one of the Chibok girls is back, with some looted monies being allegedly recovered, but besides these, Nigerians are yet to smell the change we voted for.

So to PMB and his team, all we want is a “New Nigeria” that was promised to us during the campaign, we have had enough of how PDP and past governments almost ruined the country, after all, the only reason why we elected you was because we wanted CHANGE – a positive one at that.

Over 730 days of Confusion and Tears

It was a sad day on the 14th of April 2014, when over 200 girls from the Government Secondary School, Chibok in Borno State were abducted by the terrorist group Boko Haram. Today makes it over 730 days, 17,520 hours, 1,051,200 minutes, or over 63 million seconds of confusion, tears, and all sorts of emotional hurts not only to the abducted girls or their relatives but also to every well-meaning being across the globe.

The story of the abduction was labelled with different attributes and while some still see it as a conspiracy or political stunt to oust the then GEJ administration, the fact that the over 200 hundred abducted Chibok girls is just a fraction of the lives that have been taken either in the form of abduction or killings by this miserable sect cannot be denied. It is even more evident now that a video showing some of the abducted girls was released by the terrorist group.

276 girls were reported to have been abducted with 57 of them escaping from the terrorist group. Since Boko Haram started its exploits in 2014, over 2,000 boys and girls are reported to have been abducted with only a fraction of this number recovered.

The major question here is not just whether the girls and other abductees are alive or dead, but what they have become if they are alive. A father of one of the Chibok girls reportedly got a call from the number of his daughter but on returning the call, a man that claims to be the husband to the owner of the phone answered and threatened the father never to call the line again. This gives a picture to what might be the current condition of these abductees and if they will ever be found.

The Bring Back Our Girls #BBOG group led by Dr. Obi Ezekwesili has consistently been at the forefront of the call to return the Chibok girls and other abductees of Boko Haram. Support for the agitation to return these girls has from people across the globe even as celebrities and the first lady of the United States giving her backing to the return of these girls.

Videos of the abducted girls being converted to Islam have surfaced, and this is just a very insignificant impact of what could be a result of over 2,000 boys and girls kidnapped by a terrorist group. If these girls have been married, impregnated, or even made to bear offsprings, then we might be looking at an even bigger impact.

One can only imagine the pains and anguish passed through by the parents, siblings, and loved ones of the Chibok girls and other such abductees and pray that these girls are brought back to their homes and rehabilitated to be able to live the lives they have always dreamt of and become good citizens of Nigeria.

It is a collective responsibility of governments of all levels and the citizenry to be conscious of happenings in their community and continuously strive to have a safe and secured Nigeria for us and the unborn generation especially for those of us that do not have any other country to run to.

Where did we go wrong?

2105547_1557140b1d011e3cfe4d8286cf952a7f_600x_jpeg57e0f12e038dd7c86ee9ab946e1317efWhen I sit down and look back, I wonder how my country Nigeria, went from being relatively good to definitely bad value-wise in a very short period of time.

A friend of mine showed the picture of a crowned most beautiful girl in Nigeria in 1957 and another picture of the winner of that same crown in 2015 and all I could do was to open my mouth. The difference was massive – a well dressed woman in her traditional attire and a three-quarter naked skinny woman.

That simple analogy did not only show how much of our culture we have lost, it also shows how we have been able to throw away our values in a very short while in exchange for a value system that has led us to where we are today – almost nothing.

A Yoruba adage says that “two eyes give birth to a child, but more than 200 eyes look after the child “. Growing up, I got scolded and corrected by neighbors and even strangers that would almost spanking whenever I am found wanting. My teachers in school were not left out of the picture and I particularly remember a scene where my French teacher beat me to urination in primary school (guess all French teachers know how to flog).

The tables have really turned in less than 3 decades with parents charging to school after a teacher beat their children for despicable and unspeakable offenses.

We have steadily and gradually turned ourselves to a society that celebrates not only mediocrity but “nonsense” in all ramifications.

One can go on to mention the many ways we have gone wrong in a value system and if you can abuse a girl for selling her body for money, you might as well check your daughter back and assess her dressing. You might be shocked that men actually spend for her as a result of the amount of akin she let’s out.

Let’s retrace our steps to the good old days and consider how your parents trained you then in comparison to how you are training your kids today and the reason for our current situation can be easily deduced.


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Capital Punishment for “Capital Criminals”


Even with the cry especially from the so-called human rights groups across the globe calling for the abolition of capital punishment in countries of the world over, it is quite surprising that quite a number of countries still have it entrenched in their constitution to punish offenders of different forms.

China is one of the very few popular countries that still punish some criminals by sentencing them to death by shooting, lethal injection, and the likes. It is even more surprising that the world’s most powerful country that has human rights deeply entrenched in her constitution actually had 35 cases of capital punishment in 2014, with China recording the highest number of such cases in the same year with 3000 executions.

The argument here is not about whether this type of treatment should be abolished globally or not, it is actually to somewhat examine the “capital crimes” and judge on the right type of punishment deserved. The following illustrations are for our careful and honest assessments.

  • An adult rapes a girl or a woman, and the victim subsequently commits suicide as she is unable to stand the stigmatization, shame, and trauma that come with rape.
  • A family dies from an auto accident due to bad roads that were left unfixed or uncompleted as a result of a corrupt public officer/contractor failing to execute a contract to fix the bad roads.
  • A man is unable to cater to his family for months as a result of unpaid salaries that were put in fixed deposits accounts by top officials of the ministries, leading to some members of the family engaging crimes such as armed robbery, prostitution, and cyber crime.

The illustrations above are just some of the many scenarios happening in our dear country Nigeria and practically everyone can easily relate with at least one of them. The question is that, from the rapist to the corrupt public officer/contractor, to the top officials of the ministries, which one of them can be completely exonerated of committing murder? The recent DasukiGate phenomenon that saw monies meant for the acquisition of ammunition diverted by corrupt official is a vivid example of this case. Thousands of Nigerians have been killed and millions left homeless no thanks to the activities of the Boko boys, and one wonders if some of these lives could have been saved if these looted monies were put to use appropriately.

After these illustrations, I leave you to be the judge of the situation if (God forbid), you happen to be a victim of any of the unfortunate happenings mentioned above.

What a year! 2015 in review

The year,  2015 has been one full of ups and downs especially for those of us in this part of the world. Regardless of the side of the fence we are,  the grace of the Almighty must always be appreciated. In the same vein, my first blog post after about two years of absence would solely be to appreciate the Almighty for His grace and mercies on Nigeria and the world in general.
From the anxiety, euphoria, and fears of the elections that resulted in the unprecedented coming to power of the opposition – President Muhammed Busari also known as PMB,  to the continued evil works of the Book boys,  the most recent resurrection of the Biafran agitation,  and other such happenings that have threatened the peaceful existence of our country Nigeria,  one can happily say that the year 2015 is coming to an end and we can only pray for a better, more peaceful and more prosperous 2016. This is not forgetting the agony of ordinary Nigerians stemming from the seemingly unending queues at gas stations across the country and the Chibok girls that remain “unfound” even with the continued promise of our military forces to return them in one piece to their families.
As we welcome the New Year,  let us pray for a better Nigeria and even more importantly,  work towards achieving the positive change we all desire.