Kanye West x adidas: The Revolution

Kanye Kans it again!



Some might be surprised to learn that Kanye’s first adidas design was not the Yeezy. While Ye’s friend Ibn Jasper caused a stir by claiming that the first Kanye x adidas colab was going to be a model in the ZX series, a former VP of adidas Originals says otherwise. After a fugazi version surfaced last year, Ben Pruess took to Instagram to show off what he claims is the first adidas sneaker concocted by Kanye.

In an interview with Hot 97’s Angie Martinez from 2013, Kanye announced to the world that he had inked a deal with adidas. After airing his discontent about his partnership with Nike, Kanye went to say that, ‘The new me, with a daughter, takes the adidas deal. Because I have royalties and I have to provide for my family.’ Just a couple of weeks later, the union was made official.

After the deal was…

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Afobaje of Oyo State


The 67-year old governor of Oyo and former Senator the Republic of Nigeria representing Oyo South Senatorial District, Abiola Adeyemi Ajimobi, has unofficially proclaimed himself as the “afobaje” of Oyo State. It is rather annoying and disheartening that our so-called leaders still live in the primitive world.

During an interactive session with newsmen organized to mark the `Democracy Day’ and the sixth anniversary of governor’s administration’s, which has been plagued with several controversies, one of which is the “constituted authority” drama, the governor stated that 34 aspirants are currently jostling to succeed him under the platform of APC.

“I have seen about five people who have the potentials to succeed me. I will let you know whoever will be my successor by May next year,’’ he said.

The governor further stated his desire to return to the National Assembly as a Senator representing Oyo South Senatorial District after completing his tenure as governor in 2019.

While I would not be a judge of the “constituted authority” of Oyo State that has seen my friend spend over three years in 300L at Ladoke Akintole University of Technology, I sit back and wonder why anyone would want to vote for a person that has said and showed that as the supposed #1 person in Oyo State, he can decide to do whatever he pleases.

His consideration to return to NASS can be likened to a dog returning to its vomit. If I may the governor and the people of Oyo South Senatorial District, “what did Senator Abiola Adeyemi Ajimobi achieve during his first spell representing you? He is 67 years old already and I am wondering if there are younger, fresher and better heads in Oyo State to direct the affairs of the “Pacesetter State”.

I guess I can only write and see how 2019 and beyond pans out for Oyo State and Nigeria as a whole. But as I will always say, #OurMumuDonDo.

The Opposition


The APC was a somewhat formidable opposition to the PDP, especially after it was formed in February 2013. This subsequently led to the party winning the 2015 election, with the “change” mantra being its major campaign slogan. All this is history, and the country has moved on since then.

It is, however, unfortunate but not surprising that in a country like Nigeria, there has been almost no opposition to the current government. While I might no be a strong advocate of opposition, I believe in constructive criticism and not what the likes of our award-winning senator cum musician are doing in the national assembly.

The only credible opposition to a government or party is the electorates – the so-called ordinary citizens of Nigeria. If you are wondering how I came to this conclusion, try to Google the list of “dignitaries” that attended former Head of State, Ibrahim Babangida’s daughter’s wedding. Jagaba, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, was pictured attending the ceremony of a man accused of killing his political mentor – MKO Abiola, sitting beside who was supposed to be his arch political rival – former President Jonathan.

The only result that can come out of such an association is how Nigeria and Nigerians can be dragged deeper into the dungeon of suffering and poverty. It is, therefore, time for Nigeria and Nigerians to stop the blame game and the winning. Instead, let us criticize and oppose our “rulers,” asking questions and holding them accountable, as this is the only opposition that would give us the change we want if we want any at all.

Be an active part of the polity or let hoodlums and touts decide your future and that of your unborn children and grandchildren.

As area father would say, #ourmumudondo


underdog-into-and-exit-1024x604The run-up to the 2015 presidential election was indeed an interesting period. The struggle for PVC, the intrigues and campaigns that divided the nation into progressives versus transformationists (supporters of the status-quo), media coverage, the election postponement, the election proper, card reader woes, counting of votes and final announcement of results. Nigerians were really interested in the outcome of this election.
Just like recent American and British elections, Nigerian 2015 Presidential election was largely influenced by new media – the Internet and social media platforms & sites (Leuschner 2012, IET 2016). Nigeria’s improving tele-density accounts for an estimated 16 million Twitter/Facebook users so far (Internet World Stats 2016). Political discussions on these new media are so ubiquitous, little wonder Nigeria is better rated than the US and the UK in the use of social media for politics (Jackson 2016). Thus the viability and preference of the new media cannot be over-emphasized.

There are 40 registered parties, 14 of which participated in the 2015 presidential elections (INEC 2016). Indeed the election result concurs with earlier held elections to show our bi-partisanship Votes distribution was as usual skewed in favour of only 2 parties while the other 12 parties polled negligible votes. This should not necessarily be so. It is not a hopeless situation for the small fries, the new media is here to stay and it’s egalitarian platform guarantees success to any political party with a holistic combination of presentable candidates, appropriate manifesto and robust IT strategy.

Taking a cue from the just concluded 2016 American elections we learn that:

1. Any publicity is good publicity. Just be in the limelight. The news & social media unwittingly created more attention for Donald Trump. Even those that were obviously for the wrong reasons were skillfully maneuvered by the Trump camp.

2. There exists a grand distrust for career politicians by the electorate. Such was the story of the unpopular Trump who triumphed over Hillary because Americans were tired of liars, sorry I meant to say politicians. They just are the same, aren’t they? Always talking from all sides of their mouths; upholding today what they vehemently opposed yesterday.

What’s more, allegiances change. Nigerians are largely after good governance. The PDP was booted out for abysmal performance and so can the APC. Who says if KOWA or APGA have the right combinations that they can’t win the next presidential elections?

Now is the time for all to act. Let us make electioneering more interesting in Nigeria and by so doing, up the ante in the quality of elected officials irrespective of their party affiliations.

Adding Value – the blood and soul of every business

adding-valueThe business of adding value is the only business. Have you wondered why the cost of PMS and other petroleum products and even by-products are more expensive than crude oil? How many times have you stopped to wonder why 0.5cl of bottled water is more expensive than the same volume of water in sachet water? It is not just the packaging, but the fact that the packaging adds value to the water – it makes it safer and healthier for consumption, even as it is easier to hold compared to sachet water.

If you have a business and you are looking to get ahead of the competition, the solution to your challenge is adding value to whatever service or product you make. The size or nature of business does not matter here, as there is always something you can add to attract more customers, survive the competition, and grow your business.

Learn from Nigeria that sells crude oil and imports PMS, diesel, and kerosene. Don’t just plant cassava, think of processing your harvest into gari, fufu, or any other product.

In addition to making more money from your processed goods, adding value can also serve as a form of preserving your produce especially for agribusinesses and farmers.

A Case for Pastor Suleman

apostle-suleimanWhen I statements like what the overnight celebrity pastor, Johnson Suleman, said, I cry for my country Nigeria. While the killings and other atrocities committed by the “Fulani herdsmen” are totally unacceptable, not to talk of the speech from the Kaduna state governor – el-Rufai, it is not enough for an individual heading such a large congregation to incite people to kill.

The little I know of the Bible says that if you are slapped on the right cheek, you should turn the left. This establishes the religion’s prohibition of violence. It is therefore surprising and disheartening that a “man of God” would tell his followers to kill any herdsman they see.

So I wonder what happens if a herdsman decides to visit one of the pastor’s branches to become “bornagain”, only for him to be attacked in accordance to the preaching of the G.O.

“Defend yourselves against attacks” would have been a better statement and the pastor needs to come out to clear the air and rephrase his statement.

The government of the day and the DSS have also not helped matters considering their antecedents and the failure to take up other persons that have made hate speeches and inciteful statements in the past, the so-called honorable Minister and former Rivers state governor, Rotimi Ameachi, being a typical example in the run up to the last Rivers state elections.

It is therefore imperative that Nigerians use their brains to make decisions as opposed to following many of these leaders who are as human as any of us and are bound to make mistakes just like Pastor Suleman did. The government and the DSS also need to stop their double standard and handle issues with fairness.

Another Boxing Day Wahala

So it’s the 26th of December and if there is anything that has remained constant over the years, it’s English Boxing Day football. While the players and even managers would usually whine around this time of the year about not being able to spend quality time with their families and friends, fans cannot get enough of the frenzy and buzz around watching the round leather game a day after Xmas.

Maybe because I’m a Gunner and my team has not been performing at its best(not that I’m strange to this),  but I’ve never been more disinterested in the game. In actual fact, I’m beginning to pick more interest in the business side of the English Premier League. 

The FA and others behind the world’s most interesting league deliberately schedules matches around the holidays, leveraging on the opportunity to sell out match tickets even at the expense of the joy of the players (a major attribute of capitalism). 

So don’t bother about the image above but instead, look for a way of leveraging on the opportunity you have to grow your business and earn more. Now I understand why Akin Alabi loves Boxing Day football. After all, who won’t be happy making million of naira in a few hours of some 22 men running after a round object. 

Depending on the calendar you use, it’s gonna be a new year in less than 6 days and as you write your list of resolution, ensure to include making more leveraging on the littlest of opportunities. 

Eyes on Diabetes – 16 Tips for Health-wise Holiday Eating & Managing Diabetes

wddNovember 14 of every year is the World’s Diabetes day, and in celebration of this year’s edition themed Eyes on Diabetes, we talk about some of the tips to help you stay healthy and manage diabetes, especially during this holiday season.

Special meals and delicious desserts tend to be trending this time of the year. Many diabetes patients often feel it is a torture seeing their favorite meals without being able to have a taste of them. It is, however, worth noting that such patients can still enjoy their foods but of course, with great caution, which would require weighing the pros and cons of such foods.

The guideline below will help stay healthy and happy as a diabetic patient, even as you enjoy your holidays.

Living with Diabetes

  • Maintain your routine and ensure your medications are taken regularly.
  • Volunteer to bring your own dish to parties, opting for a healthy alternative.
  • Cut back on the carbs in the meal, if you have to indulge yourself.
  • Never skip meals, as you need to maintain a healthy blood sugar level.
  • Avoid leading a sedentary lifestyle. Ensure you exercise regularly and keep your body active.

Healthy Food Choices

  • Always have healthy snacks handy.
  • Eat vegetables as opposed to crackers and bread.
  • Try plain Greek yogurt when making dips or spreads as opposed to using sour cream or cream cheese.
  • Serve sweet potatoes with traditional version topped with brown sugar or marshmallows when hosting guests.
  • Fill your small plate with appropriate portions of your favorite foods if you cannot resist the temptation.
  • Avoid alcohol as much as you can.
  • Drink club soda with a slice of lime or lemon for a cocktail.
  • Reduce gravy or choose the au jus version in place of a thickened one.
  • Always stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

After Eating

  • Be as active as possible, and this does not necessarily mean hitting the gym. Walk, jog, skip, dance, or run.
  • Get enough rest – sleep.

It is the holidays in a bit, and we all need some time to enjoy ourselves, even if it requires indulging, so eat healthily and even more importantly, stay healthy.