Cleaning your sterling silver jewelry


The sterling silver jewelry is versatile and remains one of the commonest types of jewelry, with fashion experts coming up with different designs and uses of the piece. One very common problem with the use of stainless steel jewel is that it can be easily tarnished. With the price of such necklaces especially when you have a name necklace, it is important to care properly for it to ensure the longevity of the piece.

Below are seven easy steps to guide you in cleaning your jewelry.

1-   The first step is to ensure you keep the jewelry in a tarnish proof cloth and an airtight container. This ensures the jewelry is kept away from the dangers of exposing it to gas, salt, and other destructive objects in the air.

2-   Keep the jewelry away from elements like light, wood, and even the sun as much as you can as they only quicken the process of oxidation.

3-   Contact with chemicals should be avoided as much as possible. It is advised to avoid wearing your sterling silver jewelry while doing home chores. Bleach, alcohol, ammonia, and chlorine are chemicals that should be avoided.

4-   Your jewelry should be the last item you put on as you dress to go out. This is to reduce the risk of oxidation of chemical substances contained in your perfume, make-up, and cologne.

5-   Due to the delicate nature of the sterling silver jewelry, it is advised that it is kept separate from other items and even jewelry.

6-   Polishing your jewelry is essential but it is, even more, important to do it the right way, and this would be using a silver cloth or cotton. It might also be helpful to use separate cloths for cleaning silver and gold jewelry.

7-   If you are unfortunate to have some of your jewelry already “tarnished”, there are creams, polishes, and dips that can be used to take off the tarnish. The substance should be applied in a circular motion using a cloth or cotton to remove the tarnish.

Sterling silver jewelry is famous and is gotten from online jewelry stores at affordable prices. The tips mentioned above will help keep your jewelry looking new for a very long time.


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