Name Necklace as a Gift


People, especially women have been wearing necklaces for centuries and history has been able to establish this fact. Ancient Egyptians were said to have worn different kinds of necklaces for different purposes and reasons. While some necklaces were made from stones, others were made out of gold and even bones.

Name necklaces have however become of the commonest necklaces today, and this is not surprising. Name necklaces can simply be described as customized accessories, as they usually carry a name or in some instances, charms are attached to them. Name necklaces have become even more popular with even men having them on.

Sterling silver jewelry has always been a top choice for people giving out a necklace as a gift and below is some of the many reasons a name necklace should be given as a gift.

Why is the name special?

Giving a stainless steel jewel necklace as a gift signifies the uniqueness of the receiver of the gift and establishes that the giver of the gift holds you in esteem.

Display of Unique Attributes

Name necklaces do not just carry names; they sometimes serve as a platform to show the receiver some of the characteristics that make him or her unique. This could be portrayed using the style of the necklace or the items used in making the jewelry.

Show of Intimacy

When a necklace especially a name necklace is given to a woman by a man, it shows affection and intimacy. While giving jewelry as a gift might establish a show of affection, a name necklace shows a deep sense of love and intimacy, and it would melt any woman’s heart for her man to give her a necklace carrying her name or a romantic nickname.


The beauty of name necklaces is that they can be presented at any time and regardless of the occasion, they are always appreciated. Name necklaces are perfect for birthdays, holidays, and even anniversaries.

Personalized jewelry comes in different forms and shapes and can be easily sourced from a reputable online jewelry store.

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