The Case for Gender Equality

I am yet to see where and when men were ever equal to women. Regardless of the religious or cultural background, no one can confidently trace the origin of the so-called fight for gender equality that can never be. While this might not be to undervalue the worth of women in the society, it is actually stating that women have stooped so low to count themselves equal to women as the status of women in any sane society is higher than that of an average man.

Unfortunately, women have been made to subject themselves to elements of ridicule due to two primary reasons. The first of this reason comes from the masculine folks where the irresponsible men have neglected their duties of providing for the families, only for the women to take up this task especially for the sake of their children.

The other reason for this clamor for gender equality or inequality as the case may be is largely as a result of the first point made above. This has resulted in women failing to take proper care of the family as a result of looking for a means of livelihood. The effect of this on our society is evident – increase in the number of morally delinquent youths that has gone further to make our society even worse.

There is no doubting the fact that the good old days that had our mothers staying home to cater to their family produced a society we all could live in happily and the cry for gender equality was almost nonexistent. It is therefore encouraged that instead of shouting for equality between the sexes that would mean women are subdued to the level of men, we stand up to our duties and responsibilities and deliver as and when due.

The simple fact that men cannot go through labor pain establishes the somewhat superiority of the feminine gender over men. This is in addition to the nine months of pregnancy and a minimum of six months of exclusive breastfeeding that is in a sane society.

So my dear mothers, sisters, aunties, and wife, stop the cry for gender equality as you are probably higher in ranking and instead, embrace your primary duty of making the world a better place starting from building a good home.


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