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Eyes on Diabetes – 16 Tips for Health-wise Holiday Eating & Managing Diabetes

wddNovember 14 of every year is the World’s Diabetes day, and in celebration of this year’s edition themed Eyes on Diabetes, we talk about some of the tips to help you stay healthy and manage diabetes, especially during this holiday season.

Special meals and delicious desserts tend to be trending this time of the year. Many diabetes patients often feel it is a torture seeing their favorite meals without being able to have a taste of them. It is, however, worth noting that such patients can still enjoy their foods but of course, with great caution, which would require weighing the pros and cons of such foods.

The guideline below will help stay healthy and happy as a diabetic patient, even as you enjoy your holidays.

Living with Diabetes

  • Maintain your routine and ensure your medications are taken regularly.
  • Volunteer to bring your own dish to parties, opting for a healthy alternative.
  • Cut back on the carbs in the meal, if you have to indulge yourself.
  • Never skip meals, as you need to maintain a healthy blood sugar level.
  • Avoid leading a sedentary lifestyle. Ensure you exercise regularly and keep your body active.

Healthy Food Choices

  • Always have healthy snacks handy.
  • Eat vegetables as opposed to crackers and bread.
  • Try plain Greek yogurt when making dips or spreads as opposed to using sour cream or cream cheese.
  • Serve sweet potatoes with traditional version topped with brown sugar or marshmallows when hosting guests.
  • Fill your small plate with appropriate portions of your favorite foods if you cannot resist the temptation.
  • Avoid alcohol as much as you can.
  • Drink club soda with a slice of lime or lemon for a cocktail.
  • Reduce gravy or choose the au jus version in place of a thickened one.
  • Always stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

After Eating

  • Be as active as possible, and this does not necessarily mean hitting the gym. Walk, jog, skip, dance, or run.
  • Get enough rest – sleep.

It is the holidays in a bit, and we all need some time to enjoy ourselves, even if it requires indulging, so eat healthily and even more importantly, stay healthy.


Exclusive Breastfeeding and its benefits


Exclusive breastfeeding is prescribed for babies, and it is the exclusive breastfeeding of the baby for the first six months of life. This is a WHO recommendation and mothers are advised to continue to breastfeed the child until he or she is at least two years old.

It is, however, surprising that despite the WHO’s clamor for exclusive breastfeeding, many mothers across the globe fail to breastfeed their babies exclusively even for the first two months.

Benefits of Breastfeeding to the Baby

The benefits of exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months and continuously for another two years at least are briefly highlighted below, even as the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a minimum of one year of breast milk, with no maximum duration.

  • It contains the right nutrients needed in for human development in the perfect proportion.
  • The mother’s antibodies being passed to the child through breast milk help to prevent several illnesses.
  • Breast milk helps to reduce the risk of developing allergies and even obesity in the future.
  • Breast milk helps the optimal development of the brain.
  • It reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
  • Breast milk straight from the source is sterile and contains many good bacteria.
  • The suckling action exercises the baby’s jaw muscles encouraging the growth of straight, strong, and healthy teeth.
  • It contains hundreds of nutrients that cannot be found in baby formula and no baby is allergic to it.
  • Premature babies also benefit from breastfeeding.
  • Breastfeeding helps to strengthen the bond that exists between the mother and child, and it has been discovered that babies that are breastfed properly grow up to become more socially independent, compared to their formula-fed counterparts.
  • The breastfed baby enjoys some protection and comfort that come from the skin-to-skin contact during breastfeeding.

The Mother’s Benefits

For whatever reason you might want to decide not to breastfeed your baby exclusively at least for the first six months, the benefits that accrue to the mother should change your mind and make you have a rethink.

  • Protection from post-partum bleeding due to the contraction of the uterus that results from the suckling action of the baby.
  • Exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months is an effective pregnancy control strategy.
  • Breastfeeding helps to reduce the risk of developing iron-deficient anemia.
  • It helps to fasten and sustain weight loss.
  • It decreases the risk of developing ovarian, uterine, and breast cancers.
  • Recent studies have shown that breastfeeding can help prevent osteoporosis.

Women, do not be scared of your breast sagging; it will eventually sag whether you breastfeed or not, so why don’t you just let your baby enjoy it even as you benefit from feeding him or her?

Fart More! It Saves


After staying off the radar for a while thanks to the blog posts and Press Releases I had to write for some clients, I thought it would wise for me to revisit my blog with this hilarious but helpful post.

The sound of fart or even the smell can be very annoying. It is, however, important to note that farting should be celebrated as the benefits of doing the act or even smelling it are immense, and some of them are briefly mentioned below.

Farting Reduces Bloating

Unreleased gas has been identified to be one of the causes of bloating and letting the gas out can immediately reduce the bloating, making you feel more comfortable.

Farting helps your Colon

There is this joke that holding on to fart can lead to having a dull brain as the fart finds its way to your brain via your spine and subsequently pollutes the brain. While this might just be a joke, holding it in for too long a period is not good for the health.

People with digestive issues, in particular, need to release the gas once the feeling comes as this helps to keep the colon healthy.

Farting is an early warning sign

It is part of the functions of the body for gas to be released and even if this could sometimes be embarrassing, it can be relieving to know that farting is an early warning of possible major health issues.

Increased frequency, extreme smells, and strange gas pains are some of the signs that you need to consult your doctor as they could be signals for health issues ranging from lactose intolerance to colon cancer.

Smelling Fart is Healthy for you

Studies have shown that sniffing fart can help protect you from later illnesses. Hydrogen sulfide is one of the contents of your fart and studies have shown that sniffing this substance in small doses can help prevent health issues like heart attack and even stroke.

Some quarters also claim that farts can help to cure hangovers and headaches.

The benefits of fart, farting, and smelling the fart cannot be overemphasized. In addition to being such a huge relief releasing the gas, farting can be of health benefits to you. You, therefore, need to start embracing the farting and take the FART PILL, trust me, IT WORKS.


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The Golden Toilet – Importance of the Loo



For one reason or the other, I am almost always happy after visiting the loo and those that know the writer can testify to this. The toilet as some of us will call it has somehow become a place I find solace and I can now relate with those guys that enter the loo with a magazine or newpaper, I do that tho’.

The benefits of being anle to successfully use a toilet cannot be overemphasized and if you doubt it, ask from a guy that has experienced being press in a heavy traffic. Basically, we often overlook the huge benefits and blessings that we enjoy especially as we consider them “normal”

I remember the feeling I had when I visited my aunt in Lekki and I had to take a dump. The toilet was so comfortable and conducive I could have taken a five-minutes nap in it. It later crossed my mind that even as using the toilet and a hygienic one for that matter should be a norm, millions of people across the globe do not have access to this facility.

Besides being able to ease yourself conveniently and comfortably which otherwise could have had negative effects on your health, the protection of the environment and its inhabitant is another very important reason to have a clean and conducive loo.

For those that have visited places like Makoko in Lagos, you would definitely appreciate the blessing of being able to take a dump seated on a proper loo.

Public toilets seem to be gaining popularity but not in all parts of the world. However, until our government and other well-meaning individuals start to realize that it is everyone’s responsibility to encourage a safe and hygienic environment, We can as well bid goodbye to a healthy, safe and happy environment and generation, one that is sustainable and beneficial to generations to come. The likes of

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The likes of Late Otunba Gadafi have contributed their bit with such initiatives as the DMT mobile toilet, this of course is not enough to solve our present situation leading to the cry for more “shit” places where Nigerians can go and have a quiet and comfortable dump.

Common Weight loss Mistakes to Avoid


Our previous article mentioned some simple but effective tips on weight loss. In this post, we will like to mention some obstacles that could hinder the weight loss struggle even if the best weight loss program is being followed. Many people have tried different weight loss guides and programs but find it difficult to achieve their weight loss objectives. This is not an uncommon happening as people switch from one weight loss diet or program to another in search of significant results.

For persons that seem to have tried out virtually all the weight loss guides and trip to no avail, below are some weight loss mistakes that could lead to your struggles yielding no results.

Inadequate Sleep

This is one of the commonest weight loss mistakes of all time, as people tend to neglect their beds in a bid to keep up with their busy schedule even as they try to lose weight. While it might be difficult to get enough sleep as you combine regular exercise with a tight work schedule, a minimum of seven hours of night sleep will go a long way to help your weight loss struggle as this helps to increase metabolism in the body.

Sabotaging your body’s metabolism

This definitely sounds ridiculous as no one trying to lose weight would want to sabotage the body’s metabolism. Acts like not drinking enough water, going on diets that are ineffective and unnatural, and inculcating some unhealthy habits are some of the ways of sabotaging the metabolism of the body instead of actually boosting it. The solution therefore is to avoid actions that could sabotage your body’s metabolism.


How many times have you failed to religiously follow the teachings of a weight loss program and instead of blaming your inconsistency for the lack of significant result, you opt for another program but all to no avail. Well, before you start pointing accusing fingers at the program you purchased for hundreds of dollars, try to be consistent and if possible over 100% consistent with the tips and guides contained in the program to see significant weight loss results.

If you have been struggling to lose weight despite trying different weight loss programs, it is time you sat back and identify some of the mistakes that might be hindering the success of your struggle.

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5 Surefire tips to losing weight

Lose weight now
Surefire weight loss tips

Virtually everyone can relate with the need to lose weight as there is always one close relative or loved walking the dangerous path to obesity and most likely struggling to lose unwanted fat deposits in regions of the body. For persons that unfortunately fall into this category, below are some easy, but effective surefire tips to weight loss.

Exercise Regularly

This is one of the most important tips to losing weight and any weight loss program that does not have it included should be instantly discarded. The popular misconception is that one needs a gym subscription to exercise regularly. The truth however is that one can exercise without any sophisticated equipment and all it requires is to get the blood pumping whichever way you deem fit.

A good combination of cardio and strength training will go a long way in helping the weight loss struggle. Running, jogging, brisk walking, swimming, and skipping are just some of the many easy but effective exercise routines that can be done from the comfort of your home.

Count Calories

While this is not actually a weight loss activity, counting calories helps to keep a tab on your progress and monitor your performance and the reaction of your body. In addition to counting your calories, you might also want to moderate your intake of the types of calories to get the most effective results.

Change your Routine

This simply means having a change in your lifestyle and even workout routines especially as the body tends to adapt to a routine. It is therefore advised that just as you try to ditch the sedentary lifestyle for a more active one, you do not let your body get too adapted to a workout routine.

Green Tea

Study has it that green tea helps to burn fat and helps the weight loss process. Green tea is even more effective when drank hot as more than sixty-five percent of the benefits of green tea are lost when the tea is cold. Three to four cups of green tea per day will help the situation.

Eat Fat burning foods

There are foods that have been identified to speed up the metabolism of the body, helping to burn fat faster. They include tuna and salmon.

Eat small bits frequently

While some people advise to reduce the amount of food you consume daily, the right approach to losing weight without necessarily starving yourself of the good things of life is to eat small pieces of foods more frequently. It is advised that you eat five to six times daily as opposed to having heavy three square meals daily.

In conclusion, a total lifestyle change to a healthy living is required to lose weight and in addition to the tips mentioned above, you need to stay hydrated and drink water as much as possible. You also want to give your body enough rest to allow it get the benefits of this new lifestyle you are embracing.

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Waist Trainer or Waist Strainer

Corset-Internal-Drawings-e1429565618140The Kim Ks and Amber Roses of this world have made waist trainers more famous than the investors of the device ever imagined.  While the struggle to lose weight and look “attractive” can be understandably difficult, the use or abuse of waist trainers is definitely not the right way to get rid of excess fat deposit around the tummy region.

With the stress and effort that go into trying to lose weight through exercises and diet plans, one can understand the choice to go for an alternative that seemingly guarantees the same result with significantly reduced effort and duration. Celebrities like Jessica Alba have admitted that waist trainers helped them lose baby weight after some weeks of wearing the contraption.

The major issue as regards wearing a waist trainer stems from the fact that the claim of the item being a magical weight loss tool might not only be false but that it can lead to more harm to the body than good. While wearing the waist trainer might make your waist look smaller, it makes little or no sense that this effect will be permanent as your body returns to its original shape once the corset is off.

If there is something that has also been noticed with people that try to “train” their waist, it is the restriction and discomfort that come with wearing it especially when they have to move around. Waist trainers can even make breathing difficult if they are worn really tight – the girl in Vector’s Shiga video probably knows what I am talking about here.

If you feel uncomfortable with the effects of wearing a waist trainer mentioned above, then wait for this. Waist trainers can theoretically cause rib damage. This is due to the pressure that comes from wearing the item that shrinks your midsection for long hours.

Instead of trying the shortcut method using waist strainers as they can be rightly called, why not exercise more and adjust your eating habits.

Trust me; waist trainers are nothing but waist strainers.

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Why you should consider adding weight


My phat friends will smile seeing this title. The thought of adding weight is something that almost never comes to mind, no thanks to the fact that having an “attractive” figure or body seem to be the only ideal thing today. The media and fitness experts have also not made obesity attractive to anyone. While the fact remains that slimmer persons have been largely regarded as healthier and happier, one should not forget the benefits that come with adding weight or being obese as some people would call it.

Reduced Risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis

One of the benefits of being obese is the alleviation of the symptoms of arthritis as a study has shown that a higher Body Mass Index can help reduce the chances of getting chronic arthritis. Men have been particularly identified to benefit from this as the excess of visceral fat in the abdomen combats arthritis.

So for persons that have pains in their knees and knuckles, it might be worth considering the addition of some weight.

Reduced risk of developing Dementia

There was the belief that obesity could lead to dementia until a study demystified the claim, stating that obesity could help to reduce the risk of dementia. The study was published in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology with the concerned scientists remaining positive of the results.

Helps the Immune System

Larger or bigger people have been identified to have a stronger immune system compared to their slimmer counterparts. Thanks to a group of cytologists that discovered that the extra fat deposits work like a bluberry barrier, big folks now have one more thing to be happy about as the fat in the abdominal region helps to repair tissue faster.

The cases of Danny Ross, who was stabbed more than thirty times and still survived, Gerhard Steiner that fell 20 feet unharmed, and Lawrence Bell that was shot eight times, help to substantiate this claim.

Increased Recovery Time and Longevity

Overweight persons tend to recover faster from injuries and infections due to the excess fat deposit in the body. As the body sometimes requires more energy to heal when you are ill, the extra fat in the body helps out here, giving the boost needed to recover in time.

The fat tissue in addition to the hormones released help to achieve this, allowing for a faster recovery time compared to underweight persons. This claim is substantiated by the study that states that individuals with a “healthy” BMI are four times more likely to die from heart diseases than obese people.

In addition to the benefits of obesity mentioned above, obese men have also been discovered to last longer in bed due to the hormones found in the fat deposit in the abdominal region.

So yes, go out and add some weight but be cautious of the several cons associated with being overweight.


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Learn from the Mosquito


Proverbs 6:6 says “Go to the ant, you sluggard! Consider her ways and be wise”. As the world marks the World Malaria day on the 25th April, it is important that the world and Nigerians, in particular, look away from the singular evildoing of this determined, patient, and hardworking insect to learn from the mosquito and make adjustments where necessary.

Everyone knows that the mosquito and the female mosquito in fact, carries malaria, but no one cares to find out the reason for this. It is worth noting that the anopheles mosquito does not bite in a bid to suck blood due to its wickedness. The only reason why the mosquito visits you and does all it can to ensure it gets less than a teaspoonful of your blood is to survive and take care of its eggs.

While the write-up is geared towards praising the exploits of the mosquito, some of the amazing features of this tiny creature that should be embraced by many are briefly highlighted below.


How many times have you slapped yourself trying to kill a mosquito? Virtually everyone except the Sarakis can easily relate with this. This shows how determined the mosquito is to accomplishing its goal as it dares all even in the face of death, to get the blood it needs for its survival and that of its eggs.


If you use mosquito repellent, insecticide, or even have your generator on for your fan to blow mosquitoes away, then you know these guys are patient enough to wait for you to switch off your gen set before they invade. And if you are an insecticide or repellent user, these guys simply wait for two hours max and they are on your leg or arm.


Have you ever wondered why mosquitoes continue to come back even after flitting and killing hundreds of them daily? – PERSEVERANCE! No matter how many mosquitoes you kill the night before, you can be sure of having probably double the number the next evening, and this shows the spirit of perseverance this set of creation possess.

In addition to these three excellent and life-changing characteristics, mosquitoes have shown that only death can stop them from catering to their children and if only human beings can learn from these creatures, maybe we would have achieved more than we already have.

So if I am permitted to re-frame the words, “study the mosquito, you sluggard! Consider her ways and be wise”.


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