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Hillary Clinton trumped by Donald


The keenly contested election to decide the 45th president of America came to an end on Wednesday with Donald Trump emerging victorious. The celebrity entrepreneur widely regarded as a political outsider drove to a rather surprising and unexpected victory, ending eight years of democratic governance in the United States.

Trump has always spoken out against part of the Obama-led government policy, with the likes of Obama care and nuclear agreements with Iran, coming under strong scrutiny. It will definitely be a government to look forward to, with Clinton quickly calling Trump to congratulate him on the victory and wishing him the best in his dispensation.

The possible effects of either side winning the election was seen in the early hours of Wednesday, especially with Trump gaining ground. The financial sector is one of the main sectors affected by the news.

Global equity markets witnessed a decline after hearing the news of a possible presidency headed by Donald Trump, largely due to the uncertainty about the economy, in particular as regards trade and economics.

US stock futures and Asian stocks were not left out of the downturn as investors and other such players worry about what the new government had available in the field of economic policy and their potential effects.

Currencies such as the USD and Peso also witnessed a decline in value in the early hours of Wednesday, valuing the price of gold as expected.

The FTSE 100 rebounded after the start of the recession as the new president gave his victory speech.

We can only look forward to the next few days for the further consequences of this sensational US elections, especially in the financial sector of the economies in the world