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A Case for Pastor Suleman

apostle-suleimanWhen I statements like what the overnight celebrity pastor, Johnson Suleman, said, I cry for my country Nigeria. While the killings and other atrocities committed by the “Fulani herdsmen” are totally unacceptable, not to talk of the speech from the Kaduna state governor – el-Rufai, it is not enough for an individual heading such a large congregation to incite people to kill.

The little I know of the Bible says that if you are slapped on the right cheek, you should turn the left. This establishes the religion’s prohibition of violence. It is therefore surprising and disheartening that a “man of God” would tell his followers to kill any herdsman they see.

So I wonder what happens if a herdsman decides to visit one of the pastor’s branches to become “bornagain”, only for him to be attacked in accordance to the preaching of the G.O.

“Defend yourselves against attacks” would have been a better statement and the pastor needs to come out to clear the air and rephrase his statement.

The government of the day and the DSS have also not helped matters considering their antecedents and the failure to take up other persons that have made hate speeches and inciteful statements in the past, the so-called honorable Minister and former Rivers state governor, Rotimi Ameachi, being a typical example in the run up to the last Rivers state elections.

It is therefore imperative that Nigerians use their brains to make decisions as opposed to following many of these leaders who are as human as any of us and are bound to make mistakes just like Pastor Suleman did. The government and the DSS also need to stop their double standard and handle issues with fairness.