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The Opposition


The APC was a somewhat formidable opposition to the PDP, especially after it was formed in February 2013. This subsequently led to the party winning the 2015 election, with the “change” mantra being its major campaign slogan. All this is history, and the country has moved on since then.

It is, however, unfortunate but not surprising that in a country like Nigeria, there has been almost no opposition to the current government. While I might no be a strong advocate of opposition, I believe in constructive criticism and not what the likes of our award-winning senator cum musician are doing in the national assembly.

The only credible opposition to a government or party is the electorates – the so-called ordinary citizens of Nigeria. If you are wondering how I came to this conclusion, try to Google the list of “dignitaries” that attended former Head of State, Ibrahim Babangida’s daughter’s wedding. Jagaba, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, was pictured attending the ceremony of a man accused of killing his political mentor – MKO Abiola, sitting beside who was supposed to be his arch political rival – former President Jonathan.

The only result that can come out of such an association is how Nigeria and Nigerians can be dragged deeper into the dungeon of suffering and poverty. It is, therefore, time for Nigeria and Nigerians to stop the blame game and the winning. Instead, let us criticize and oppose our “rulers,” asking questions and holding them accountable, as this is the only opposition that would give us the change we want if we want any at all.

Be an active part of the polity or let hoodlums and touts decide your future and that of your unborn children and grandchildren.

As area father would say, #ourmumudondo


Over 365 days of Buharinism


The PMB-led government has spent over a year in control and just like any average Nigerian; I am yet to see the direction of the administration and I stand to be corrected.

While it might be rightly argued that the present government inherited an almost dead nation, hike in fuel price, increased electricity tariff, and an alarming foreign exchange rate leaves people like me confused as to when the “change” we clamored for will come to pass.

It is important for parties on either side of the argument to note that pragmatism just as Wole Soyinka said, is the only reasonable way of looking at the situation here. Whether you are for the government or against it, it is important that the government give a clear direction of what to expect.

In an administration where we get as many as three different answers to a particular question like the recent case of fuel subsidy removal or deregulation of the downstream sector. The president recently told Nigerians to tell him if any minister should be removed but how can we score an administration or the cabinet that has only lasted less than four months with a budget that has not even been implemented.

Yes, we have been able to significantly reduce the activities of the BH boys, and cynical as it may sound, one of the Chibok girls is back, with some looted monies being allegedly recovered, but besides these, Nigerians are yet to smell the change we voted for.

So to PMB and his team, all we want is a “New Nigeria” that was promised to us during the campaign, we have had enough of how PDP and past governments almost ruined the country, after all, the only reason why we elected you was because we wanted CHANGE – a positive one at that.

What a year! 2015 in review

The year,  2015 has been one full of ups and downs especially for those of us in this part of the world. Regardless of the side of the fence we are,  the grace of the Almighty must always be appreciated. In the same vein, my first blog post after about two years of absence would solely be to appreciate the Almighty for His grace and mercies on Nigeria and the world in general.
From the anxiety, euphoria, and fears of the elections that resulted in the unprecedented coming to power of the opposition – President Muhammed Busari also known as PMB,  to the continued evil works of the Book boys,  the most recent resurrection of the Biafran agitation,  and other such happenings that have threatened the peaceful existence of our country Nigeria,  one can happily say that the year 2015 is coming to an end and we can only pray for a better, more peaceful and more prosperous 2016. This is not forgetting the agony of ordinary Nigerians stemming from the seemingly unending queues at gas stations across the country and the Chibok girls that remain “unfound” even with the continued promise of our military forces to return them in one piece to their families.
As we welcome the New Year,  let us pray for a better Nigeria and even more importantly,  work towards achieving the positive change we all desire.