Hillary Clinton trumped by Donald


The keenly contested election to decide the 45th president of America came to an end on Wednesday with Donald Trump emerging victorious. The celebrity entrepreneur widely regarded as a political outsider drove to a rather surprising and unexpected victory, ending eight years of democratic governance in the United States.

Trump has always spoken out against part of the Obama-led government policy, with the likes of Obama care and nuclear agreements with Iran, coming under strong scrutiny. It will definitely be a government to look forward to, with Clinton quickly calling Trump to congratulate him on the victory and wishing him the best in his dispensation.

The possible effects of either side winning the election was seen in the early hours of Wednesday, especially with Trump gaining ground. The financial sector is one of the main sectors affected by the news.

Global equity markets witnessed a decline after hearing the news of a possible presidency headed by Donald Trump, largely due to the uncertainty about the economy, in particular as regards trade and economics.

US stock futures and Asian stocks were not left out of the downturn as investors and other such players worry about what the new government had available in the field of economic policy and their potential effects.

Currencies such as the USD and Peso also witnessed a decline in value in the early hours of Wednesday, valuing the price of gold as expected.

The FTSE 100 rebounded after the start of the recession as the new president gave his victory speech.

We can only look forward to the next few days for the further consequences of this sensational US elections, especially in the financial sector of the economies in the world


Our Teachers Our World


Every 5th of October is marked as the day for the teachers – World Teachers’ Day and the 2016 theme is titled ‘Valuing Teachers, Improving their Status.’ Teachers are next to parents in all ramifications, and if possible, they should be accorded the same respect and courtesy that parents get from their wards. The government and parents should also respect and honour teachers as not only do they play an important role in the lives of the children, but they also help in shaping the society. It is therefore not surprising that in countries like Finland and other such nations where education and teachers are highly-valued, the countries are more organised and developed, with a significantly better standard of living compared to countries that do not cherish their educational system.

Below is a graph showing the average remuneration of teachers in OECD member countries over a period of 15 years.


Note : The salary expressed on the Y-axis is in ‘000$

It is not surprising that Switzerland is regarded as one of the safest countries in the world. This simply shows that a nation is a reflection of how the teachers are treated.

African nations are particular culprits of not treating their teachers and almost neglecting the educational sector in totality. Most developing countries devote less than 10% of their total annual budget to the education sector. Nigeria for instance, which is by the way, the “giant of Africa” allocated just 6% of its budget to education, a sector that is meant to cater for the teeming Nigerian youths, with 3% of the budget going to the legislative arm of the government of just 405 persons, that has failed to make any significant law in over 15 years.

If you are still wondering why developing countries have remained “developing” over the years, then you should take a look at the way the teachers and the education sector has been treated over the years, and you are sure of getting answers to your questions.

‘Value Teachers, Improve their Status, Improve the Society’.

Surviving a Recession

survive-an-economic-recessionIt is no news that countries especially those that generate the majority of their revenue from the sale of crude, are currently leaking their wounds, no thanks to the continuous and astronomical decline in the price of crude oil in the world market. The different effects of the economic recession have been experienced in many of these countries as not only are the citizens angry, but suicide cases have also been reported to increase drastically since the economic downturn.

While living during a recession in the economy is obviously difficult, surviving this economic downturn is not impossible. The key to surviving recession is to identify where we are hit the hardest and device ways of reducing the damage. This will include earning more, saving more and preparing for the worst-case scenario. Below is a general overview of how you can survive these harsh times of economic recession.

Making Money in Recession

For every economic situation, there is always a way of making the best out of it and if you seem not to be making enough money to take care of the bills especially in the recession, it is important to look for other sources of income, even as you stick to your current business or 9 to 5 job.

  • Explore online money-making options. Thanks to the internet, people can harness other sources of income even from the comfort of their homes. Freelancing, being an online tutor or even being a writer, are some of the options available to make money online.
  • For those that already lost their jobs due to the economic climate, starting up a home-based business would be the best option possible. You could start up a home consultancy business in your area of expertise or better still, run a meal delivery outfit from your kitchen.

Saving Money and Resolving Debts

Making more money during a recession is not the only answer to a downturn in itself as wealth management or financial management is also an integral part of surviving recession. You have to manage your debt profile and avoid getting into debts as much as you can. Cost reduction is also important here, and you should know how to find cheap but quality services and products as opposed to the exorbitant ones.

Financial and Personal Security in Recession

Savings, investment, your job, and even your retirement funds should be jealously guarded during the recession as every penny counts. You, therefore, want to stand out at your workplace, find safer investment portfolios, and if possible, recession-proof retirement fund.

Prepare for the Worst Case Scenario

Plans do not always go our way; it is therefore always good to prepare for the worst that could happen. This will ensure that you do not take extreme solutions like committing suicide if the worst happens.

Your Health during the Recession

Health, they say is wealth. It is, therefore, imperative that even as you go looking for ways of making yourself better financially, you want to also take care of your health by embracing a healthy attitude which includes eating healthy and living healthy.

Recessions are not the best of times, but the overview provided above will not only help you survive the harsh economic time, but it will also help your finances after the downturn.

Exclusive Breastfeeding and its benefits


Exclusive breastfeeding is prescribed for babies, and it is the exclusive breastfeeding of the baby for the first six months of life. This is a WHO recommendation and mothers are advised to continue to breastfeed the child until he or she is at least two years old.

It is, however, surprising that despite the WHO’s clamor for exclusive breastfeeding, many mothers across the globe fail to breastfeed their babies exclusively even for the first two months.

Benefits of Breastfeeding to the Baby

The benefits of exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months and continuously for another two years at least are briefly highlighted below, even as the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a minimum of one year of breast milk, with no maximum duration.

  • It contains the right nutrients needed in for human development in the perfect proportion.
  • The mother’s antibodies being passed to the child through breast milk help to prevent several illnesses.
  • Breast milk helps to reduce the risk of developing allergies and even obesity in the future.
  • Breast milk helps the optimal development of the brain.
  • It reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
  • Breast milk straight from the source is sterile and contains many good bacteria.
  • The suckling action exercises the baby’s jaw muscles encouraging the growth of straight, strong, and healthy teeth.
  • It contains hundreds of nutrients that cannot be found in baby formula and no baby is allergic to it.
  • Premature babies also benefit from breastfeeding.
  • Breastfeeding helps to strengthen the bond that exists between the mother and child, and it has been discovered that babies that are breastfed properly grow up to become more socially independent, compared to their formula-fed counterparts.
  • The breastfed baby enjoys some protection and comfort that come from the skin-to-skin contact during breastfeeding.

The Mother’s Benefits

For whatever reason you might want to decide not to breastfeed your baby exclusively at least for the first six months, the benefits that accrue to the mother should change your mind and make you have a rethink.

  • Protection from post-partum bleeding due to the contraction of the uterus that results from the suckling action of the baby.
  • Exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months is an effective pregnancy control strategy.
  • Breastfeeding helps to reduce the risk of developing iron-deficient anemia.
  • It helps to fasten and sustain weight loss.
  • It decreases the risk of developing ovarian, uterine, and breast cancers.
  • Recent studies have shown that breastfeeding can help prevent osteoporosis.

Women, do not be scared of your breast sagging; it will eventually sag whether you breastfeed or not, so why don’t you just let your baby enjoy it even as you benefit from feeding him or her?

Vector Tha Viper….


I was gonna write on looking good on a tight budget which should be like a sequel to my last article on financial management during recession. While I might not a huge fan of rap music or music general, music artistes like V.E.C always catch my attention.

This #Lafiaji guy, Olanrewaju Ogunmefun, is from Ogun state and has lived his life in Ogun and Lagos states, with a major part of it in Lagos. Regarded as the King of Freestyle in Nigeria especially after he did 2 and a half hours of freestyle on Rhythm FM Freestyle Fury more than a year ago.

King Kong is a self-acclaimed barrack boy and a graduate of Philosophy, from the University of Lagos. This probably attracted me to him and since I watched his interview on Youtube with HFtv on their internet show DA CHAT, I have been a strong follower of Vector tha Piper.

His view about life and music stuns me every time I hear him talk and even as I would not love to go into his many diss issues with other artistes like YCEE and Baba Hafusa, who is another musician I admire, his lyrics and music in general always have had me disturbing everyone including myself.

King Kong’s beat and lyrics are off the hook and the fact that he featured the likes of Reminisce and Phyno in the remix underlines this guy’s passion. Ever since I heard one of his new works “EMI”, my love for him has multiplied. EMI is a rap song that fits everything particularly with the beat that I just don’t understand the inspiration behind it. Not forgetting one is most popular hits, “Angeli”, where he featured the Special Adviser to the Oyo state Governor, 9ice.

Vector has won several awards since he broke into limelight in 2008/9 and they include Best rap single and lyricist on the roll at the 2015 Headies, awards he earlier won in 2012. He also has awards and nominations from NMVA, Nigeria Entertainment Awards, and DYNAMIX youth Awards.

In addition to be a rapper, David is also a poet, producer, songwriter, and is the voice behind the 2009 Sprite radio commercial. Besides, he’s got 2 album, 2 mixtapes and a couple of singles any real music lover would always enjoy.

One cant really cover V.E.C is a one-page article but one thing about this fellow gunner is that he is a one of a kind regardless of what anyone thinks.

Did I tell you that he is also a businessperson? He launched the Inoki Republic movement for T-shirts and Snap-back hats. Would really appreciate getting one of them tho’. King Kong holla back.

Money must be Made. “Oshaa mo, Ondu”

Financial Management Tips during Economic Recession


It is no news that world economies, especially nations that are highly dependent on oil revenue are suffering. It is even clearer in Africa where economic ministers are coming out to admit that countries are in recession even if the minister of economy in Nigeria, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun claims it is “technical”.

Recession takes a heavy toll on personal finances and families need to adjust to the harsh economic realities. Times like this require good financial management not just to survive but also to ensure that you are not heavily hit by the effects of an economic recession.

One of the major characteristics of economic recession is that money loses value. It gets even worse as jobs are threatened with organizations trying to cut cost and sometimes having to reduce their workforce.

Nobody wants an economic recession but since it’s just a phase in the economic cycle, we all have to deal with it and below are some financial tips to help you get through such times.

Track your Expenses

In times like this, it is normal to almost always check your account statement to look for any irregular bank charges. Unfortunately, in this part of the world, we are not really bothered when we see inexplicable bank charges below #1,000 on our account. If you think it is small, imagine the bank charging this small amount on their over ten million customers for example.

The most important task under tracking your expenses is to ensure that you prioritize your expenses and work according to your scale of preference. It is also imperative that you get serios about having a budget and even more importantly, following it through.

Avoid Debts

Whether you are taking a loan from a bank or you getting it from your loved one, it is important to avoid borrowing money as much as possible. During inflation, borrowers gain and of course, after this economic phase is over, lenders smile. The idea here is that the #5,000 you borrow during economic recession and inflation can buy fewer things as compared to after recession or in a better economic situation.

Multiple Income Streams

You can never have enough of income streams. Imagine having two to different jobs or streams of income other than you 8 to 5, to help cater to your expenses especially with the rising costs of things and the uncertainty surrounding white-collar jobs. The income from these sources do not have to be necessary huge especially at the start. You can subsequently grow them as time goes on and trust me; these sources of income will be more appreciated after the recession is over.

Personally, I have about three streams of income. Though I don’t make millions from them, I can afford to pay my bills and still sort out some other stuffs on the side. Fiverr, MMM, and Click Intensity are the income sources helping the guy out the moment and I hope to improve on them real soon.

A popular wealthy guy once said, “do not look to cut down on your expenses instead, increase your income sources”. The recession is real and we all have to deal with it. I hope my tips will help you survive this season and make the best out of it.

By the way, I will try to post something on my income sources mentioned above. However, you can contact me on whatsapp/call – +2348088884801 for more information on any of them and I will be happy to help.

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Fart More! It Saves


After staying off the radar for a while thanks to the blog posts and Press Releases I had to write for some clients, I thought it would wise for me to revisit my blog with this hilarious but helpful post.

The sound of fart or even the smell can be very annoying. It is, however, important to note that farting should be celebrated as the benefits of doing the act or even smelling it are immense, and some of them are briefly mentioned below.

Farting Reduces Bloating

Unreleased gas has been identified to be one of the causes of bloating and letting the gas out can immediately reduce the bloating, making you feel more comfortable.

Farting helps your Colon

There is this joke that holding on to fart can lead to having a dull brain as the fart finds its way to your brain via your spine and subsequently pollutes the brain. While this might just be a joke, holding it in for too long a period is not good for the health.

People with digestive issues, in particular, need to release the gas once the feeling comes as this helps to keep the colon healthy.

Farting is an early warning sign

It is part of the functions of the body for gas to be released and even if this could sometimes be embarrassing, it can be relieving to know that farting is an early warning of possible major health issues.

Increased frequency, extreme smells, and strange gas pains are some of the signs that you need to consult your doctor as they could be signals for health issues ranging from lactose intolerance to colon cancer.

Smelling Fart is Healthy for you

Studies have shown that sniffing fart can help protect you from later illnesses. Hydrogen sulfide is one of the contents of your fart and studies have shown that sniffing this substance in small doses can help prevent health issues like heart attack and even stroke.

Some quarters also claim that farts can help to cure hangovers and headaches.

The benefits of fart, farting, and smelling the fart cannot be overemphasized. In addition to being such a huge relief releasing the gas, farting can be of health benefits to you. You, therefore, need to start embracing the farting and take the FART PILL, trust me, IT WORKS.


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Are You a Widow?


A widow is described as a woman that her lost her husband. While this definition has stood the test of time with virtually everyone agreeing to it, it is worth noting that widowhood does not necessarily have to mean losing a spouse, especially in sane environments.

In developing nations especially African countries, widowhood is a different ball game compared to what is obtainable in developed countries. As a woman, you are open to many choices. There is the choice of being a widow even before the death of your spouse or even worse, training your daughter to become a widow in-the-making if her spouse unfortunately dies before her.

While no woman would want to lose her spouse, the irony remains that no woman or man wants to die before his or her spouse. It therefore means that someone has to die before the other, at least in most cases. For a man, there is usually no pressure regardless of who dies first. An African woman however has many things to contend with if she becomes an “African Widow”.

In this context, an African widow is a woman that is not empowered to fight and even defeat the so-called traditions in many African nations that has subjected the feminine folks to maltreatment after the passage of their husbands.

The last time I checked, it is only in Africa that you have such passage rites like the woman drinking the water washed off the corpse of her husband to prove that she knows nothing about the death of the man. Some widows are also subjected to victimization from the relatives of their dead husbands by making the woman marry the sibling of her late husband. In even more insane societies, widows are made to sleep with the corpse of their husbands in a room for days, in the name of funeral rites.

The different forms of maltreatment of widows mentioned above, are just some of the many traditions in Africa and other parts that women are made to pass through after the passing away of their “better half”.

Everyone is usually quick to blame the government and ask for laws to prohibit these acts. My people, my people, for how long will we wait till we stop this craze. Instead of asking for laws or blaming it on the tradition, why don’t you take the bold step of getting prepared for that day when you probably might be a “woman who was married to a spouse who is now dead” and not an “African Widow” that is ridiculed after the death of her husband.

BE empowered and not necessarily getting a formal education, but knowing how to make ends meet and may be planning the future with your spouse and this should include having him write a WILL even if the document is sometimes disregarded.

And for our daughters, it is incumbent on us to ensure that they are educated and have their destinies in their hands instead of being at the mercy of a man that his passing away will mean doom to them.

It’s June 23, International Widow’s Day. Let’s take time to reflect on the kind of woman we and our daughters want to be in the class of widows.


The Golden Toilet – Importance of the Loo



For one reason or the other, I am almost always happy after visiting the loo and those that know the writer can testify to this. The toilet as some of us will call it has somehow become a place I find solace and I can now relate with those guys that enter the loo with a magazine or newpaper, I do that tho’.

The benefits of being anle to successfully use a toilet cannot be overemphasized and if you doubt it, ask from a guy that has experienced being press in a heavy traffic. Basically, we often overlook the huge benefits and blessings that we enjoy especially as we consider them “normal”

I remember the feeling I had when I visited my aunt in Lekki and I had to take a dump. The toilet was so comfortable and conducive I could have taken a five-minutes nap in it. It later crossed my mind that even as using the toilet and a hygienic one for that matter should be a norm, millions of people across the globe do not have access to this facility.

Besides being able to ease yourself conveniently and comfortably which otherwise could have had negative effects on your health, the protection of the environment and its inhabitant is another very important reason to have a clean and conducive loo.

For those that have visited places like Makoko in Lagos, you would definitely appreciate the blessing of being able to take a dump seated on a proper loo.

Public toilets seem to be gaining popularity but not in all parts of the world. However, until our government and other well-meaning individuals start to realize that it is everyone’s responsibility to encourage a safe and hygienic environment, We can as well bid goodbye to a healthy, safe and happy environment and generation, one that is sustainable and beneficial to generations to come. The likes of

Meanwhile, you can only help a drowning man by staying afloat. It is therefore important to always seek financial freedom and multiple income sources especially in this harsh times. Thankfully, there are always ways of making some money on the sides and what better to do this than to have a source that brings you some few dollars as you sleep. It is even more interesting here – Click Intensity as it requires very little startup capital. For more on this mind-blowing opportunity, whatsaapp or call 08088884801 or send a mailto:adeyinkaadejumo@aol.com.

The likes of Late Otunba Gadafi have contributed their bit with such initiatives as the DMT mobile toilet, this of course is not enough to solve our present situation leading to the cry for more “shit” places where Nigerians can go and have a quiet and comfortable dump.

Common Weight loss Mistakes to Avoid


Our previous article mentioned some simple but effective tips on weight loss. In this post, we will like to mention some obstacles that could hinder the weight loss struggle even if the best weight loss program is being followed. Many people have tried different weight loss guides and programs but find it difficult to achieve their weight loss objectives. This is not an uncommon happening as people switch from one weight loss diet or program to another in search of significant results.

For persons that seem to have tried out virtually all the weight loss guides and trip to no avail, below are some weight loss mistakes that could lead to your struggles yielding no results.

Inadequate Sleep

This is one of the commonest weight loss mistakes of all time, as people tend to neglect their beds in a bid to keep up with their busy schedule even as they try to lose weight. While it might be difficult to get enough sleep as you combine regular exercise with a tight work schedule, a minimum of seven hours of night sleep will go a long way to help your weight loss struggle as this helps to increase metabolism in the body.

Sabotaging your body’s metabolism

This definitely sounds ridiculous as no one trying to lose weight would want to sabotage the body’s metabolism. Acts like not drinking enough water, going on diets that are ineffective and unnatural, and inculcating some unhealthy habits are some of the ways of sabotaging the metabolism of the body instead of actually boosting it. The solution therefore is to avoid actions that could sabotage your body’s metabolism.


How many times have you failed to religiously follow the teachings of a weight loss program and instead of blaming your inconsistency for the lack of significant result, you opt for another program but all to no avail. Well, before you start pointing accusing fingers at the program you purchased for hundreds of dollars, try to be consistent and if possible over 100% consistent with the tips and guides contained in the program to see significant weight loss results.

If you have been struggling to lose weight despite trying different weight loss programs, it is time you sat back and identify some of the mistakes that might be hindering the success of your struggle.

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