Fart More! It Saves


After staying off the radar for a while thanks to the blog posts and Press Releases I had to write for some clients, I thought it would wise for me to revisit my blog with this hilarious but helpful post.

The sound of fart or even the smell can be very annoying. It is, however, important to note that farting should be celebrated as the benefits of doing the act or even smelling it are immense, and some of them are briefly mentioned below.

Farting Reduces Bloating

Unreleased gas has been identified to be one of the causes of bloating and letting the gas out can immediately reduce the bloating, making you feel more comfortable.

Farting helps your Colon

There is this joke that holding on to fart can lead to having a dull brain as the fart finds its way to your brain via your spine and subsequently pollutes the brain. While this might just be a joke, holding it in for too long a period is not good for the health.

People with digestive issues, in particular, need to release the gas once the feeling comes as this helps to keep the colon healthy.

Farting is an early warning sign

It is part of the functions of the body for gas to be released and even if this could sometimes be embarrassing, it can be relieving to know that farting is an early warning of possible major health issues.

Increased frequency, extreme smells, and strange gas pains are some of the signs that you need to consult your doctor as they could be signals for health issues ranging from lactose intolerance to colon cancer.

Smelling Fart is Healthy for you

Studies have shown that sniffing fart can help protect you from later illnesses. Hydrogen sulfide is one of the contents of your fart and studies have shown that sniffing this substance in small doses can help prevent health issues like heart attack and even stroke.

Some quarters also claim that farts can help to cure hangovers and headaches.

The benefits of fart, farting, and smelling the fart cannot be overemphasized. In addition to being such a huge relief releasing the gas, farting can be of health benefits to you. You, therefore, need to start embracing the farting and take the FART PILL, trust me, IT WORKS.


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