Common Weight loss Mistakes to Avoid


Our previous article mentioned some simple but effective tips on weight loss. In this post, we will like to mention some obstacles that could hinder the weight loss struggle even if the best weight loss program is being followed. Many people have tried different weight loss guides and programs but find it difficult to achieve their weight loss objectives. This is not an uncommon happening as people switch from one weight loss diet or program to another in search of significant results.

For persons that seem to have tried out virtually all the weight loss guides and trip to no avail, below are some weight loss mistakes that could lead to your struggles yielding no results.

Inadequate Sleep

This is one of the commonest weight loss mistakes of all time, as people tend to neglect their beds in a bid to keep up with their busy schedule even as they try to lose weight. While it might be difficult to get enough sleep as you combine regular exercise with a tight work schedule, a minimum of seven hours of night sleep will go a long way to help your weight loss struggle as this helps to increase metabolism in the body.

Sabotaging your body’s metabolism

This definitely sounds ridiculous as no one trying to lose weight would want to sabotage the body’s metabolism. Acts like not drinking enough water, going on diets that are ineffective and unnatural, and inculcating some unhealthy habits are some of the ways of sabotaging the metabolism of the body instead of actually boosting it. The solution therefore is to avoid actions that could sabotage your body’s metabolism.


How many times have you failed to religiously follow the teachings of a weight loss program and instead of blaming your inconsistency for the lack of significant result, you opt for another program but all to no avail. Well, before you start pointing accusing fingers at the program you purchased for hundreds of dollars, try to be consistent and if possible over 100% consistent with the tips and guides contained in the program to see significant weight loss results.

If you have been struggling to lose weight despite trying different weight loss programs, it is time you sat back and identify some of the mistakes that might be hindering the success of your struggle.

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