Over 365 days of Buharinism


The PMB-led government has spent over a year in control and just like any average Nigerian; I am yet to see the direction of the administration and I stand to be corrected.

While it might be rightly argued that the present government inherited an almost dead nation, hike in fuel price, increased electricity tariff, and an alarming foreign exchange rate leaves people like me confused as to when the “change” we clamored for will come to pass.

It is important for parties on either side of the argument to note that pragmatism just as Wole Soyinka said, is the only reasonable way of looking at the situation here. Whether you are for the government or against it, it is important that the government give a clear direction of what to expect.

In an administration where we get as many as three different answers to a particular question like the recent case of fuel subsidy removal or deregulation of the downstream sector. The president recently told Nigerians to tell him if any minister should be removed but how can we score an administration or the cabinet that has only lasted less than four months with a budget that has not even been implemented.

Yes, we have been able to significantly reduce the activities of the BH boys, and cynical as it may sound, one of the Chibok girls is back, with some looted monies being allegedly recovered, but besides these, Nigerians are yet to smell the change we voted for.

So to PMB and his team, all we want is a “New Nigeria” that was promised to us during the campaign, we have had enough of how PDP and past governments almost ruined the country, after all, the only reason why we elected you was because we wanted CHANGE – a positive one at that.


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