Waist Trainer or Waist Strainer

Corset-Internal-Drawings-e1429565618140The Kim Ks and Amber Roses of this world have made waist trainers more famous than the investors of the device ever imagined.  While the struggle to lose weight and look “attractive” can be understandably difficult, the use or abuse of waist trainers is definitely not the right way to get rid of excess fat deposit around the tummy region.

With the stress and effort that go into trying to lose weight through exercises and diet plans, one can understand the choice to go for an alternative that seemingly guarantees the same result with significantly reduced effort and duration. Celebrities like Jessica Alba have admitted that waist trainers helped them lose baby weight after some weeks of wearing the contraption.

The major issue as regards wearing a waist trainer stems from the fact that the claim of the item being a magical weight loss tool might not only be false but that it can lead to more harm to the body than good. While wearing the waist trainer might make your waist look smaller, it makes little or no sense that this effect will be permanent as your body returns to its original shape once the corset is off.

If there is something that has also been noticed with people that try to “train” their waist, it is the restriction and discomfort that come with wearing it especially when they have to move around. Waist trainers can even make breathing difficult if they are worn really tight – the girl in Vector’s Shiga video probably knows what I am talking about here.

If you feel uncomfortable with the effects of wearing a waist trainer mentioned above, then wait for this. Waist trainers can theoretically cause rib damage. This is due to the pressure that comes from wearing the item that shrinks your midsection for long hours.

Instead of trying the shortcut method using waist strainers as they can be rightly called, why not exercise more and adjust your eating habits.

Trust me; waist trainers are nothing but waist strainers.

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