Why you should consider adding weight


My phat friends will smile seeing this title. The thought of adding weight is something that almost never comes to mind, no thanks to the fact that having an “attractive” figure or body seem to be the only ideal thing today. The media and fitness experts have also not made obesity attractive to anyone. While the fact remains that slimmer persons have been largely regarded as healthier and happier, one should not forget the benefits that come with adding weight or being obese as some people would call it.

Reduced Risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis

One of the benefits of being obese is the alleviation of the symptoms of arthritis as a study has shown that a higher Body Mass Index can help reduce the chances of getting chronic arthritis. Men have been particularly identified to benefit from this as the excess of visceral fat in the abdomen combats arthritis.

So for persons that have pains in their knees and knuckles, it might be worth considering the addition of some weight.

Reduced risk of developing Dementia

There was the belief that obesity could lead to dementia until a study demystified the claim, stating that obesity could help to reduce the risk of dementia. The study was published in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology with the concerned scientists remaining positive of the results.

Helps the Immune System

Larger or bigger people have been identified to have a stronger immune system compared to their slimmer counterparts. Thanks to a group of cytologists that discovered that the extra fat deposits work like a bluberry barrier, big folks now have one more thing to be happy about as the fat in the abdominal region helps to repair tissue faster.

The cases of Danny Ross, who was stabbed more than thirty times and still survived, Gerhard Steiner that fell 20 feet unharmed, and Lawrence Bell that was shot eight times, help to substantiate this claim.

Increased Recovery Time and Longevity

Overweight persons tend to recover faster from injuries and infections due to the excess fat deposit in the body. As the body sometimes requires more energy to heal when you are ill, the extra fat in the body helps out here, giving the boost needed to recover in time.

The fat tissue in addition to the hormones released help to achieve this, allowing for a faster recovery time compared to underweight persons. This claim is substantiated by the study that states that individuals with a “healthy” BMI are four times more likely to die from heart diseases than obese people.

In addition to the benefits of obesity mentioned above, obese men have also been discovered to last longer in bed due to the hormones found in the fat deposit in the abdominal region.

So yes, go out and add some weight but be cautious of the several cons associated with being overweight.


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