Learn from the Mosquito


Proverbs 6:6 says “Go to the ant, you sluggard! Consider her ways and be wise”. As the world marks the World Malaria day on the 25th April, it is important that the world and Nigerians, in particular, look away from the singular evildoing of this determined, patient, and hardworking insect to learn from the mosquito and make adjustments where necessary.

Everyone knows that the mosquito and the female mosquito in fact, carries malaria, but no one cares to find out the reason for this. It is worth noting that the anopheles mosquito does not bite in a bid to suck blood due to its wickedness. The only reason why the mosquito visits you and does all it can to ensure it gets less than a teaspoonful of your blood is to survive and take care of its eggs.

While the write-up is geared towards praising the exploits of the mosquito, some of the amazing features of this tiny creature that should be embraced by many are briefly highlighted below.


How many times have you slapped yourself trying to kill a mosquito? Virtually everyone except the Sarakis can easily relate with this. This shows how determined the mosquito is to accomplishing its goal as it dares all even in the face of death, to get the blood it needs for its survival and that of its eggs.


If you use mosquito repellent, insecticide, or even have your generator on for your fan to blow mosquitoes away, then you know these guys are patient enough to wait for you to switch off your gen set before they invade. And if you are an insecticide or repellent user, these guys simply wait for two hours max and they are on your leg or arm.


Have you ever wondered why mosquitoes continue to come back even after flitting and killing hundreds of them daily? – PERSEVERANCE! No matter how many mosquitoes you kill the night before, you can be sure of having probably double the number the next evening, and this shows the spirit of perseverance this set of creation possess.

In addition to these three excellent and life-changing characteristics, mosquitoes have shown that only death can stop them from catering to their children and if only human beings can learn from these creatures, maybe we would have achieved more than we already have.

So if I am permitted to re-frame the words, “study the mosquito, you sluggard! Consider her ways and be wise”.


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