The Nigerian Corruption Fight


#DasukiGate has continued to make the headlines and remain a hot topic ever since the Buhari-led government started its crackdown on corrupt public office holders. Many Nigerians especially those of the now opposing party – PDP, are of the opinion that the fight is one-sided and it is actually used to tackle the members of the PDP. While they might not be totally wrong, the question that should be addressed is whether or not these guys stole the money.

The case of Dasuki is a classic “ole gbe, ole gba” case – “thief steal am, thief collect am” case. While the recent arrest of Isa Jafaru, a close ally of President Buhari might extinguish the claim that the corruption fight is only a witch-haunt, the rumor that he was released by the EFCC after allegedly refunding #100 million of the 170 he was accused of collecting, with an undertaking to refund the remaining 70 leaves a question mark on the fight against corruption.

In my view, what is good for the goose is good for the gander and accordingly, the likes of Raymond Dokpesi and maybe even Dasuki himself should be treated the same way Jafaru has been treated. In the same fight against corruption vein, Nigerians should also look inward and judge objectively irrespective of the side of the fence we are. If we have been fighting the insurgency that has led to the death of thousands to millions of Nigerians for more than half a decade without a significant result only to discover that the claim of some Nigerian soldiers that they were under-funded to tackle the insurgency is real, no thanks to the Dasukigate.

This simply means that the thousands of lives lost due to insurgency can be directly or indirectly linked to Dasukigate just as the lives lost due to auto accidents that occur on bad roads that were left uncompleted by contractors can be linked to these scrupulous contractors. It is therefore imperative that as we judge Dasuki and the collectors of the money meant for fighting the insurgency, we look inwards and look at the multiplier effect of our actions or inaction and assess the tens to hundreds and thousands of lives that would be affected by that singular action or inaction.

All in all, there is a Dasuki in an average Nigerian and it is left to us to correct our ways to ensure the corruption fight we all clamor for is done wholeheartedly if we are to have a new Nigeria we all wish for.


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