Cyber crime



 Just like many people around the world, Cybercrime according Dr. Debarati Halder and Dr. K. Jaishankar (2011) is defined as “Offences that are committed against individuals or groups of individuals with a criminal motive to intentionally harm the reputation of the victim or cause physical or mental harm, or loss, to the victim directly or indirectly, using modern telecommunication networks such as Internet (Chat rooms, emails, notice boards and groups) and mobile phones (SMS/MMS)”. While this definition is obviously correct, it might be worth looking at the definition of Cybercrime from another perspective.

The likes of Google and Yahoo were Nigerians’ first contact with the internet, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other such social media platforms have gradually gained popularity among internet users not only in Nigeria but across the globe. My own definition of cyber crime stems from the use of the internet especially by young Nigerians and if you have been using the internet for more than half a decade in Nigeria and you are yet to make as low as N100,000 as at the time you are reading this post, then you can count yourself as among the many cyber criminals in Nigeria.

Even as cyber crime is synonymous with our Yahoo boys in Nigeria and the hackers in some other part of the world, i continue to wonder the name given to a person that can almost not do without his or her mobile device for as little as 2 hours in a day without this internet use actually helping to increase the person monetarily or knowledge-wise.

A brief list of young Nigerians that have been able to turn the internet into a goldmine include Adetunji Gbolagade, Olaide Alim, Adedokun Festun, Yusuf Onabekun and Bamidele Ojo, just to mention a few. These individuals earn online income from different ways which includes information marketing, freelance services, and online trading.

While i have not been able to earn so much from the internet, i can confidently say that i have earned over half a million naira from the internet from writing articles to clients from all over the world. Thanks to Fiverr, i have been able to grow earn this much from the internet by writing for as low as $5 for 300 words. This might definitely sound little but considering the number of articles one might be writing on a daily basis, you can bet that the milestone of $500 monthly is not really as far as you think.

Fiverr is just one of the many other ways of making money on the internet instead of wasting your hours on the internet making reward-less posts on FB or posting pictures on Instagram or even worse, reading the beef between Olamide and Don Jazzy on Linda Ikeji’s blog while the smart lady uses your traffic to earn millions monthly.

Are you good in graphics? Do you like writing? Or you are you good in anything at all. Then sell you skills on any of the many freelancing sites and stop crying of unemployment or waiting for PMB’s N5,000 monthly stipend to unemployed youths.

The worse cyber crime is to waste productive time on unrewarding things and later complain of unemployment. It is a New Year and before you conclude on your resolutions for this year, you might want to look into the productive use of your internet time.





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