What if I told you @falzthebahdguy has MPD? – The different shades of Folarin Falana

bad guy

Psychology folks and lovers of a couple of American TV series like @TheMentalist would be familiar with the Multiple Personality Disorder. And even as I usually thought it was only an “Oyinbo” thing, every thought of @falzthebahdguy reminds me of what I see in some of such movies.

Actor, comedian, musician, compere, and a lawyer!? It is definitely amazing to see this guy combine all these acts in just one body. Born to the family one of Nigeria’s foremost lawyer and activist – Femi Falana, no one would have imagined Folarin turning out to be what we see today. I am not a big fan of Nigerian acts and my first time of watching falz was his skit with Funke Akindele. I was disappointed largely due to the fact that I saw him as trying to be a female version of @funkeakindele. This view only lasted for a short while after listening to his “ello bae” skits and his songs with @SymplySimi and @yemialadee.

I can only refer to falz as a complete entertainer especially as he refuses to admit that he is a comedian which kinda underlines my view of him having MPD. His diverse talent might stem from the fact that he grew up in different places across the globe from attending St. Leo’s Catholic Primary School in Ikeja to Olashore International School in Osun and eventually traveling to the UK where he studied Law in the University of Reading and subsequently qualifying as a Barrister after attending the Nigerian Law School, Abuja, falz has been able to walk the walk and he is definitely making good use of his experience and escapades as he continues to smile to the bank.

Falz has an alter ego named Brother Taju, a somewhat feature of persons suffering from MPD. Falz brands his kind of music Wazup music, which is not surprising. Falz is one of the very few Nigerian artistes that still sing some sense and his #Storiesthattouch album substantiates this fact. In actual fact, the songs in the album can be a bit addictive and persons that have been able to get their copies can testify to this claim.

Musician, Actor, Comedian, Compere, Lawyer, Brand Ambassador, and the list goes on. One thing we can be sure of is that @falzthebahdguy is a talent and we can expect even more from this unique zombody.


One thought on “What if I told you @falzthebahdguy has MPD? – The different shades of Folarin Falana

  1. nice one bro. Infact the guy e also a champion too, e just dat e gat no tyrul; he’s gerin bera and bera and bera, he can’t just gerin bera one time.


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